Microsoft Access Expert (Access and Access 2019) MO-500

Course: 9103

In this course, you will use the advanced tools and features in PowerPoint to create and deliver engaging presentations.

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9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CST

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Question About this Course?

Microsoft Access Expert (Access and Access 2019) MO-500

This course will help students create and maintain Access Database objects including tables, relationships, data entry forms, multilevel reports, and multi-table queries. Candidates are expected to demonstrate the correct application of the principal features of Access and complete tasks independently.

Course OutlineĀ 

Manage databases

Modify database structure

  • import objects or data from other sources
  • delete database objects
  • hide and display objects in the Navigation Pane

Manage table relationships and keys

  • understand relationships
  • display relationships
  • set primary keys
  • enforce referential integrity
  • set foreign keys

Print and export data

  • configure print options for records, forms, and reports
  • export objects to alternative formats

Create and modify tables

Create tables

  • import data into tables
  • create linked tables from external sources
  • import tables from other databases

Manage tables

  • hide fields in tables
  • add total rows
  • add table descriptions

Manage table records

  • find and replace data
  • sort records
  • filter records

Create and modify fields

  • add and remove fields
  • add validation rules to fields
  • change field captions
  • change field sizes
  • change field data types
  • configure fields to auto-increment
  • set default values
  • apply built-in input masks

Create and modify queries

Create and run queries

  • create simple queries
  • create basic crosstab queries
  • create basic parameter queries
  • create basic action queries
  • create basic multi-table queries
  • save queries
  • run queries

Modify queries

  • add, hide, and remove fields in queries
  • sort data within queries
  • filter data within queries
  • format fields within queries

Modify forms in layout view

Configure form controls

  • add, move, and remove form controls
  • set form control properties
  • add and modify form labels

Format forms

  • modify tab order on forms
  • sort records by form field
  • modify form positioning
  • insert information in form headers and footers
  • insert images on forms

Modify reports in layout view

Configure report controls

  • group and sort fields on reports
  • add report controls
  • add and modify labels on reports

Format reports

  • format a report into multiple columns
  • modify report positioning
  • format report elements
  • change report orientation
  • insert information in report headers and footers
  • insert images on reports

Question About this Course?

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