Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is open-source, free, distributed, and more things you want, for big data.

Bespoke Apache Cassandra Training
Bespoke Apache Cassandra Training

It’s a NoSQL database management, wide-column store system that’s specifically designed to handle large amounts of data across many servers. Cassandra offers a lot of support for clusters that span multiple datacenters. It provides high availability and has no single point of failure. With Apache Cassandra custom training there’s asynchronous replication as well with no requirement for a master that allows for cross client low latency operations. Cassandra was designed to implement a combination reminiscent of Google’s Bigtable data model and storage engine, as well as the distributed storage and replication techniques of Amazon Dynamo.

Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop consist of open-source software concerning a multi-computer network. It’s intended to solve relevant technical problems such as those involving huge amounts of data and very expensive computation. Bespoke Hadoop training can be very valuable to you to learn more. Hadoop first was designed for common hardware running computer clusters, still quite common usage today. Hadoop provides you a robust software framework that’s designed for distributed storage. The MapReduce programming model is also so key to the processing of big data using Hadoop. Hadoop modules fundamentally assume that hardware failures can happen often and empowers the framework to gracefully handle such failures in an automatic, seamless manner. Ask for Hadoop custom training options to learn more.


Docker PaaS or Platform as a Service technology, released in about 2013, uses techniques known as OS-level virtualization to containerize software. Docker Engine is the host of these containers. Learn more in bespoke Docker training. Docker automates application deployment through containers that are very lightweight. With Docker custom training learn how running these applications in a variety of environments in isolation could function quite well for certain use cases.


SmartSheet custom training encompasses this SaaS or software as a service technology that excels in work management as well as collaboration scenarios. This includes tracking the progress of your projects, assigning tasks to your team, managing schedules on your calendars and much more. Bespoke SmartSheet training can help you understand the nuances of how this product combines multiple kinds of functionality you might find familiar from products like Microsoft Excel, Access, Project, SharePoint and others you may know too.

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