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Custom Azure OpenAI ChatGPT Training Workshops

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Azure OpenAI Services Custom Training: We can explore the services , what they do, their architecture,  their place as part of the much broader AI ecosystem in the modern era.

Azure OpenAI Studio Custom Training: In-depth overviews of Azure OpenAI Studio.
Prompt Engineering Custom Training: Large language model use including how prompts really work, why they are even important in the first place, and the variety of key factors that end up influencing their effectiveness.

Use Case / Common Architecture: Hands-on exercises, labs and experiences that covering the common architecture as well as use-cases of the implementation of advanced neural networks, Large Language Models (LLM’s) and advanced modern models and new patterns.

Azure OpenAI Service Embedding Models Custom Training – what are embeddings how they are important in the concepts of Machine Learning (ML) and Advanced AI Models including the Transformer Architecture, hallmarks of advanced AI models like GPT-4 Turbo – GPT stands for Generative Pretrained Transformer.

Semantic Kernel Custom Training – what is the Semantic Kernel and what can it do for you to enhance your experiences by bringing new meanings to them and understanding the details and semantics of it all?

Customizing Azure OpenAI Services Custom Training
Using Azure OpenAI Service in order to access your company data

Azure AI Services Custom Training Overview: In-depth discussions on important components and parts like Speech services, Language Services, Vision services as well as their applications to real-world scenarios.

Conversational AI Custom Training: We can take a look together at modern AI developments that could help you engage in dialogues as if they took place with a person, such as refining, design of and the training of your modernized conversational models and the architectures and patterns, as well as newer advanced techniques that might go into this.

Azure AI Search Custom Training: We may cover how you could leverage Azure AI Search service so that you can make advanced and customized search experiences for your audiences.

Azure Document Intelligence Service Custom Training: How can this advanced document service leverage machine learning modern technology to help you extract your key-value pairs to identify patterns and insights as well as use table data from your form documents to help further organize, transform, and make real meaning out of your data at scale and in a high quality way?

What is Responsible AI, ethics in AI and how are these important considerations? How can you keep your data secure in the era of advanced modern Artificial Intelligence be it Azure or otherwise?
Creating Enterprise-Level Applications: How can you start developing scalable and robust custom applications using modern technologies like ChatGPT, Azure OpenAI, Azure Cognitive Services and more, while you focus on best practices as well as potential requirements for your industries?

Creating Enterprise-Level Copilot Custom Training: Scalable as well as robust custom copilots using ChatGPT, Cognitive Services as well as Azure OpenAI that are tailored to your scenarios in terms of legal, ethical, practical and other potential requirements or key considerations in your vertical or situation.

Azure OpenAI Services and ChatGPT Custom Training Overview
How can you leverage Azure OpenAI Custom Training by maximizing the true potential of these services to create a robust, tailored enterprise application that does what you need it to do?

Azure and ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Custom Training Workshops
Copilots in the Microsoft Ecosystem ( such as and including Power Platform Copilots, GitHub Copilots, Microsoft 365 Copilot )
Vector Databases, Embedding, Knowledge Repository and the RAG Pattern,
Using Copilot Studio as well as Semantic Kernel, how can create your own custom copilot?
Azure AI Services such as Semantic Search, like Azure AI Search as well as Azure Document Intelligent Services

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services Architecture Custom Training on Patterns
Accuracy and Bias testing, Model testing Validation and detecting Hallucinations
Abuse Monitoring, Content filtering and Responsible AI custom training options.

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