CategoryCoursePrice# of DaysUpcoming Dates
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (2 Day)1495211/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & Development10201 Azure Developer - Developing Advanced Solutions Certification Exam AZ-201 Bundle1995311/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-200: Develop Core Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions2495411/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer2495411/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-201: Develop Advanced Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions1995311/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-204 Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure2995511/17/20,  12/15/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-203 Azure Solutions Developer Training29955Private Training Only, Get Quote
Administration & Development103103 Microsoft Azure Administrator Training24954Private Training Only, Get Quote
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator24954Private Training Only, Get Quote
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator (New)2495411/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-010 Azure Administrator for AWS SysOps1495211/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-020: Microsoft Azure solutions for AWS developers1995311/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-030 Microsoft Azure technologies for AWS Architects1995311/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-300 Azure Solution Architect Technologies29955Private Training Only, Get Quote
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-301 Azure Solution Architect Design24954Private Training Only, Get Quote
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-300 and AZ-301)2995511/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design1995411/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentDP-100 Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure1995311/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentDP-200 Implementing an Azure Data Solution1995311/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentDP-201 Designing an Azure Data Solution1495211/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentDP-060 Migrate NoSQL workloads to Azure Cosmos DB695111/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentAZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions2995511/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentDP-050 Migrate SQL workloads to Azure1495211/9/20,  12/7/20
Administration & DevelopmentWS-050 Migrating Application Workloads to Azure1495211/9/20,  12/7/20

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