Power Virtual Agents Training or Power Agents Training by Dynamics Edge is available now for Microsoft's newly released November 4, 2019 no-code / low-code AI and chat bot builder. Let Dynamics Edge teach you how to increase your productivity with Power Virtual Agents.

Microsoft adds more and more features to its low-code as well as no-code Power Platform product families. Recently it was demoed at the Microsoft Ignite conference this week. There is also new branding for Power Platform we previously called Microsoft Flow training - now it is rebranded as Power Automate training and we are also calling our Flow training that as well as of now.

Power Platform is known as the collection of Microsoft Power BI for deep data analytics, PowerApps app development platform known as PowerApps and Flow now known as Power Automate, the business process automation engine for big time productivity. As of November 4 2019, Microsoft is rebranding Flow as Power Automate.

Microsoft is also now making the addition of robotic process automation (RPA) to Power Automate to help you automate repetitive tasks. This is called UI Flows, and we now have Power Platform UI Flows training on this as well.

Also, now Microsoft is introducing a really super new offering known as Power Virtual Agents which is in public preview as of November 4 2019. So Power Virtual Agents intends to empower just about anyone to build without any code needed, and even no AI training required, already out of the box intelligent bot that can respond intelligently. What this does is it in fact combines the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework technology with the current Power Platform technologies. For any of those people that want to make a more complex bot such as with our Azure Chat Bot training, there are integrations between Azure Bot Framework and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services training as well.

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