A Power Automate variable is a named container that can store a value, such as text, number, Boolean, or array, during the execution of a flow. Variables allow you to dynamically store and manipulate data within your flow, which can be useful for passing values between actions, conditionally branching the flow based on values, or using the same value multiple times in your flow.

To use a variable in Power Automate, follow these steps:

Create a variable: To create a variable in your flow, go to the “Variables” section in the flow canvas, and click the “+ Add variable” button.

Name the variable: Give the variable a descriptive name, such as “VariableName”.

Choose a type: Choose the type of data the variable will store, such as text, number, Boolean, or array.

Initialize the value: Set the initial value of the variable, which can be a default value, a dynamic value from another action, or a specific value you define.

Use the variable: Once the variable is created, you can use it in your flow by inserting it into an action’s property or expression. The value of the variable will be dynamically updated during the execution of the flow.

You can also use variables in conditions and expressions to control the flow of your automation, as well as to store intermediate values in a loop or a branching structure.

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