To copy an action in Power Automate, you can use the following steps:

Open the flow: Sign in to Power Automate and go to the dashboard. Find the flow that contains the action you want to copy and select it.

Access the flow canvas: On the flow details page, click on the “Edit” option to open the flow canvas.

Select the action: Find the action that you want to copy and click on it to select it.

Copy the action: Click on the selected action and choose the ellpises and then choose Copy to my clipboard (Preview).

Paste the action: Click plus, add an action, my clipboard, select the action listed there.

Edit the copied action: You can now edit the copied action as needed to meet your requirements.

By copying actions in Power Automate, you can save time and effort when creating and configuring your flows. You can also reuse actions that have already been created, configured, and tested, helping you ensure that your flows are consistent and accurate.

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