A Power Automate condition is a control flow action that allows you to perform different actions based on the evaluation of a specified condition. The condition is a logical expression that evaluates to either “True” or “False”.

Here’s how a Power Automate condition works:

Define the condition: In the condition action, define a logical expression that evaluates to either “True” or “False”. The expression can be based on data from previous actions in your flow, or it can be a static expression.

Specify actions: Based on the evaluation of the condition, specify the actions that should be taken if the condition is “True” or “False”. For example, you can send an email, update a database record, or run a sub-flow.

Evaluate the condition: When the flow is executed, the condition is evaluated, and the appropriate actions are taken based on the evaluation.

By using conditions, you can add decision-making logic to your Power Automate flows, allowing you to automate complex processes and workflows that are tailored to your specific needs.

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