Learn about the Power Platform fundamentals of government including unique URLs for accessing your secure Microsoft Power Platform US government resources. Know how these Power Apps US Government service URLs compare to the commercial version of Power Platform. Unravel the layers of compliance, certifications, and data handling processes that make Power Platform training for US Government by Dynamics Edge something that can help you deploy a robust solution for public sector entities.

power platform us government urls
power platform us government urls – learn more in Dynamics Edge Power Platform training for US Government such as PL-100 training

For your Power Apps US Government service URLs instead of https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com, Power Platform US Government uses:
– For GCC, use https://gcc.admin.powerplatform.microsoft.us
– For GCC High, use https://high.admin.powerplatform.microsoft.us
– For DoD, use https://admin.appsplatform.us

You may check the table below for reference on Power Platform Admin Center URL’s for Government vs Commercial:

Power Platform Commercial US Government GCC US Government GCC High US Government DoD
https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com https://gcc.admin.powerplatform.microsoft.us https://high.admin.powerplatform.microsoft.us https://admin.appsplatform.us

When accessing the Power Apps creation platform, instead of https://make.powerapps.com:
– For GCC, use https://make.gov.powerapps.us
– For GCC High, use https://make.high.powerapps.us
– For DoD, use https://make.apps.appsplatform.us

Power Apps Commercial US Government GCC US Government GCC High US Government DoD
https://make.powerapps.com https://make.gov.powerapps.us https://make.high.powerapps.us https://make.apps.appsplatform.us

Power Platform US Government is an ecosystem of tools dedicated to serving U.S. public sector entities. It mirrors the functionality of the commercial Power Platform but introduces specific measures that ensure compliance with federal requirements. Notably, it segregates customer content from commercial services, providing a secure and certified environment for government entities. PowerApps, Power Automate, PowerBI, and Power Virtual Agents are the four primary components. You can help yourself prepare for Associate level, Expert level and start with Fundamentals Power Platform certification training to help prepare for professional level credentials and experience on the Microsoft Power Platform portfolio with the help of Dynamics Edge. Choose from many Power Platform learning paths we can offer you such as PL-900 for Power Platform fundamentals training to learn the enterprise capabilities & value of Microsoft Power Platform, where you learn to build simple Microsoft PowerApps, unify data with Microsoft Dataverse, analyze data for insights with PowerBI & more. With PL-900 help prepare to potentially become Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals to show your knowledge & proficiency in building production solutions with Microsoft Power Platform, automating enterprise business processes with Power Automate and more. You may consider the Microsoft Power Platform certification path of PL-400 training to help you on a Power Platform developer path, or PL-100 training for app makers and more. Check out our catalog of Microsoft Power Platform instructor-led training Live Virtual (Live Online) for more information, and inquire to us if you want to learn more about Microsoft Power Platform training and certifications, as well as other options for Power Apps training, Power Automate training, Power BI training, Power Virtual Agents training, and your Power platform scenario.

Power Apps, a significant pillar of the Power Platform, is a tool used to create and deploy custom applications. The Power Apps US Government, similar to its commercial counterpart, offers application creation services. However, it specifically adheres to the compliance and regulatory needs of the U.S. public sector, with provisions for physical and logical segregation of data, restriction of access to only screened Microsoft personnel, and data storage exclusively within U.S. borders.

Power Automate, another part of the Power Platform, automates organizational processes and workflows. The US Government version provides the same capabilities but with stringent compliance to government regulations and accreditations, ensuring safe and compliant workflow automation.

Immerse yourself in the capabilities of Power Automate US Government, Microsoft’s tailored automation solution for the public sector. Discover the specific URLs for accessing these resources, and delve into its unique features that set it apart from the commercial version. Unravel how Power Automate US Government strikes the perfect balance between advanced automation capabilities and strict compliance with federal regulations.

Instead of using https://flow.microsoft.com/connectors, Power Automate US Government employs the following URLs for connectors:
– For GCC, use https://gov.flow.microsoft.us/connectors
– For GCC High, use https://high.flow.microsoft.us/connectors
– For DoD, use https://flow.appsplatform.us/connectors/

Power Automate Commercial US Government GCC US Government GCC High US Government DoD
https://flow.microsoft.com/connectors https://gov.flow.microsoft.us/connectors https://high.flow.microsoft.us/connectors https://flow.appsplatform.us/connectors/

When it comes to making flows, the following URLs replace https://make.powerautomate.com:
– For GCC, use https://make.gov.powerautomate.us
– For GCC High, use https://make.high.powerautomate.us
– For DoD, use https://make.powerautomate.appsplatform.us

Power Automate Commercial US Government GCC US Government GCC High US Government DoD
https://make.powerautomate.com https://make.gov.powerautomate.us https://make.high.powerautomate.us https://make.powerautomate.appsplatform.us

Power Automate US Government forms a vital part of the Power Platform for the public sector, serving as a dedicated tool for automation of organizational processes and workflows. With capabilities similar to its commercial version, Power Automate US Government offers a plethora of features, from building automated workflows between apps and services to getting notifications, pushing data, and more.

While the commercial Power Automate offers a wide range of connectors for integrating different services, Power Automate US Government has a curated list of connectors, keeping in mind the stringent compliance requirements and specific needs of the US public sector. The data processed through these connectors remains within the physical and logical boundaries of the US, meeting the data sovereignty needs of government agencies.

Moreover, access to Power Automate US Government is limited to screened Microsoft personnel only, ensuring a high level of security. It also adheres to federal regulations and certifications such as FedRAMP High and DISA Level 2, providing a safe and compliant platform for government agencies to automate their workflows.

Differences between Power Automate’s environments in GCC, GCC High, and DoD reflect varying levels of compliance requirements. While GCC aligns with FedRAMP High and DISA Level 2, the GCC High and DoD environments cater to more demanding data protection requirements, ensuring compliance with DISA SRG IL4 and IL5 frameworks, respectively.

It’s important to note that these higher compliance levels, like the ones found in Azure Government Secret and Azure Government Top Secret, may also apply to Power Automate. As a part of the Azure Government portfolio, these offerings accommodate mission-critical workloads of the US federal, DoD, intelligence community, and US government partners operating within Secret or Top Secret enclaves. These could potentially be applicable for Power Automate, subject to official confirmation.

Power Automate US Government, with its robust security, compliance with federal regulations, and efficient automation capabilities, empowers government agencies to optimize their workflows, enhance productivity, and drive digital transformation without compromising data security and privacy.

Power BI, Microsoft’s business analytics tool, forms another core part of the Power Platform. Power BI US Government ensures the same data analysis and visualization capabilities are available but within a secure and compliant environment, making it a reliable choice for government entities dealing with sensitive data.

Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft’s bot creation platform, was not part of the Power Platform US Government prior to September 2021. However, potential updates might have introduced Power Virtual Agents in some form to the government versions such as GCC, GCC High, or DoD. The inclusion of this tool could significantly enhance customer service operations within public sector entities, providing an automated yet efficient way of handling user queries.

There are three primary environments within the Power Platform US Government: GCC, GCC High, and DoD. Each has been designed to meet various degrees of compliance requirements. GCC meets federal requirements for cloud services, including FedRAMP High, DoD DISA IL2, and requirements for criminal justice systems. GCC High and DoD environments are designed to meet higher compliance levels with DISA SRG IL4 and IL5 compliance framework, respectively.

Above DoD, there exist higher levels of compliance within the Azure Government portfolio, which include Azure Government Secret and Azure Government Top Secret. These are designed for mission-critical workloads of the U.S. federal civilian, Department of Defense (DoD), intelligence community, and U.S. government partners working within Secret or Top Secret enclaves. The correlation of these offerings to Power Platform US Government would potentially open up advanced levels of compliance and capabilities for agencies working with highly sensitive information.

FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Power Platform US Government aligns with FedRAMP High requirements, making it a secure and trusted platform for government entities.

These adaptations within the Power Platform US Government cater to the unique requirements of the public sector, assuring compliance, data protection, and seamless integration with existing Microsoft 365 deployments. It’s a well-rounded, dependable solution for government entities on their journey of digital transformation.

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