24/7 Monitoring and Response to Cyber Threats

Stay protected with 24/7 monitoring and response to cyber threats through our managed detection and response services and solutions.

Azure Sentinel

Collect data from your entire enterprise, including on-premises, devices, and cloud to get a complete view of your security posture. Detect previously undetected threats and respond to incidents with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities. Streamline security operations with an integrated experience in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Prevent, detect, and respond to advanced attacks on your endpoints with built-in behavioral sensors and machine learning algorithms. Get real-time visibility into your security posture and reduce the noise with contextual threat intelligence. Analyze and respond to incidents in real-time, and get guidance on how to remediate affected endpoints.

Microsoft 365 Defender

Protect your identities, endpoints, applications, email, and data against cyber threats with a unified experience. Get comprehensive visibility into your security posture and automate security operations with advanced AI and automation capabilities. Respond to incidents quickly and effectively, and get guidance on how to prevent future attacks.

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Protect your cloud applications and services with advanced threat protection and data loss prevention. Get visibility into your cloud usage and detect anomalous behavior, potential data leakage, and other threats. Respond to incidents in real-time and enforce policies to prevent future threats.

Microsoft Information Protection

Classify and protect your sensitive data across your enterprise with advanced labeling, encryption, and rights management capabilities. Detect and prevent data leakage, and control access to sensitive data with advanced analytics and policies. Automate your data protection with integrations to Microsoft and third-party apps and services.

Azure Security Center

Get a unified view of your security posture across your hybrid cloud workloads, including servers, virtual machines, containers, and applications. Get recommendations to improve your security posture, detect and respond to threats, and enforce security policies with advanced automation capabilities. Integrate with Azure Sentinel and other security solutions to streamline security operations.

Azure Active Directory

Securely manage access to your applications and resources with advanced identity and access management capabilities. Protect against account compromise with advanced risk-based authentication, conditional access, and identity protection. Monitor your identity and access health with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

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