Open enrollment and dedicated classes typically start at 10 am to 5 pm EST. This time accommodates users in various time zones. There is a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon with an hour dedicated for lunch.

We highly recommend logging into the virtual meeting 10-minutes before the start of class to check your connection and resolve any technical issues.

If you are attending a Live Virtual course, we recommend a computer with two monitors so you can watch the instructor on one screen and perform activities on the other screen. You also will need audio as the instructor will be speaking to you in real-time, and we strongly recommend a microphone so you can ask questions and interact with the instructor in real time as well. We recommend a headset (headphones with microphone) as opposed to a desktop or laptop microphone with audio speakers to minimize any audio echo or audio feedback.

Sometimes a high-quality combination of stand-up microphone with audio speakers works well, but please make sure to test your setup to make sure that it does not echo or feedback the audio output for best results. We also recommend a fast, high quality internet connection that supports live streaming (since for the Live Virtual courses, the instructor will be streaming to you live, in real time).

As a last resort, each virtual meeting includes a phone number to call in to the meeting. So, you’ll always hear what is being discussed.

Our instructors are live and in-person in your training class. We expect you to actively participate with the instructor and other students in the class.

Access to labs with sample student accounts ranges from 30-90 days after class. There are multiple ways to deliver Microsoft Official Courseware, client custom classes, and bootcamps. Some use virtual machines with dedicated labs or we use our own Microsoft Partner tenant to host students. Your instructor will confirm the amount of time allotted for use.

We do not record open enrollment classes. Clients with dedicated classes may request a recording of their own sessions.

Course Materials

Course materials and sample data are digitally distributed right before or during class. It is not uncommon to share a mix of materials throughout the class found on websites, white papers, Microsoft resources, and more. Modern classes are changing rapidly, with constant changes in the software and apps.

Note, courseware cannot be resold, reshared, or redistributed. Please contact Dynamics Edge if you are unable to attend and sending a replacement student in your place.

Registration Process

Individuals registering themselves or a colleague can register easily via our website. You can also call us directly with any questions about your class.

Upon class registration, you will be sent a confirmation including course name, date, start time, remote meeting links, student credentials for training environment, course materials access codes, and more relevant information preparing for the class.

Yes! Please contact Dynamics Edge directly to make any changes to the attendees list. We will need to reissue a new confirmation for the swapped student.

Refund requests within 14-days in advance, 100% refund. Refund requests less than 14 days, receive a credit equal to the amount of purchase, good for 1-year.