Engaging yourself in an enthralling journey in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 training April 2024 together with Dynamics Edge feels quite a bit like embarking on a super epic quest to make deeper connections with those mysterious beings that we sometimes call “customers.”

Dynamics AX 2012 Training October 2024
Dynamics AX 2012 Training October 2024

So now let’s go ahead and help you make the idea of dealing with customers in Dynamics AX less mysterious for you, so you can turn what may have been once a nebulous, vague concept, into an actual entry in AX! So now picture yourself, if you will, as a modern-day business knight who has been well educated. As a high-quality-seeking student using high-quality Dynamics AX Training October 2024 you can be well-prepared with the very mighty Create New Customer form for Dynamics AX 2012 create new record or the enigmatic new Setup form and say you are on a mission to populate the realm (also known as your database) with new customer records! Imagine in this scenario for now that this journey begins on the 28th of November, 2021 a date that may perhaps forever be enshrined in the records of your enterprise resource planning history, but the legacy goes on to this date in April 2024 and beyond.

Now, let’s talk about your magical scroll of knowledge – a knowledge-granting manuscript that was created by three wise AX-2012 wizards and scribes. This ancient text, though maybe now archived and perhaps no longer updated, can still hold the key for you to create lasting customer relationships. It can speak of what may seem like a distant, yet somehow still reachable mystical land where customer records are created for you, not just by mere chance, but with actual purpose and even with precision. In the Setup form, an important step is to declare your party record’s allegiance, to your realm of customers. For those that are seeking more wisdom on this matter, consulting the “Create a party record” scrolls can illuminate your Dynamics AX 2012 path forward.

Before you can start to create a party record for a person or for an organization, you should check first how to Dynamics AX 2012 create party record where you see if a party record may already exist or not and to do this you can click on Home > Common > Global address book. Then when you go to the Action Pane, such as in the Maintain group, you can go ahead and click on Check for duplicates.

  • So first click Home > Common > Global address book. Then when you are on the Global address book list page, you can click on the Action Pane, and then under New group, click Party.
  • Now that you are in your Party form, select if the record is actually intended for an organization or instead is supposed to be for a person, and then enter the name of this entity. Whatever you put in here should now automatically enter into the search name field and note that it should be possible to change the search name at a later time if you want.
  • When you check the General FastTab, you can then enter some general information over there that pertains to your party record.
  • Now check out the Contact information as well as the Addresses FastTabs, and here go ahead and put in the information for the party contact info and address
  • Go ahead and setup properly any relationships to any other parties in the Relationships FastTab, that may be also shown now in the form: Global address book.

But wait, there’s more – ever wish you could clone your very best customers? Well, here in the mystical world of your Dynamics AX 2012 setup, you can! Sort of. When you start using templates that are based on your favorite customer records, you can go ahead and speed up the whole record-creation process. See in your mind for a moment a form that may be appearing before you and start revealing the sacred templates of your customers past. Choose very wisely now, and then your template can bestow upon you your new record and even its field values. Fear not because you can still go ahead and tweak these fields to much better suit the unique essence of your preferences and needs.

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