Now it all comes down to modernizing your operations and finance in February 2024 and beyond. As you start moving away from inefficient, disorganized operations, quality Dynamics 365 training February 2024 and all year long 2024 in Finance and Operations is your best bet to success.

D365 Finance Training February 2024 Dynamics Edge
D365 Finance Training February 2024

What is Dynamics 365 Finance

Learn how to set up and configure your financial management. This includes how to implement your credit, collections, revenue recognition and accounts receivable. You can manage and implement expenses as well as accounts payable. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Training February 2024 manage your budgeting and fixed assets efficiently and effectively while performing and understanding your financial duties in Dynamics 365 Finance.

MB-310 Training February 2024

Dynamics Edge D365 FinOps Training February 2024 covers the modern financial aspects of Dynamics 365 Finance to get the edge on your future. These include how to configure and utilize your essential financial components. Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, budgeting, fixed assets, collections and more.

A Dynamics 365 Finance Functional Consultant is responsible for performing discovery, capturing the requirements, as well as engaging subject matter experts, SME’s or subject matter experts include stakeholders and involve translating requirements as well as configuring your solution and applications.

The D365 Functional Consultant can implement a seamless solution using as much out of the box capabilities as possible. An effective D365FO functional consultant tends to prefer codeless extensibility to heavy cumbersome code-heavy solutions – as well as extending this expertise to service and application wide integrations.

A good working knowledge of Enterprise ERP accounting systems as well as at least basic accounting skills can be handy to have prior to attending MB-310 D365 training February 2024 where taking the MB-300 first can build your core competencies in Dynamics 365 Core.

Know Dynamics 365 Finance Features and capabilities including the core components of Dynamics 365 Finance. The financial management modules in Dynamics 365 Finance are important to know so you can understand the benefits of Dynamics 365 Finance. When you set up and configure your financial management you should learn how to create a new legal entity (i.e. company) as well as configure and setup financial management including general ledger and chart of accounts. This involves configuring currencies, ledgers, and understanding how to implement cost management and cost accounting.

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