Dynamics Edge D365 CRM Training 2023 can really help you learn how to empower your service / sales teams, how to gain insights into your customer’s behaviors, and how to streamline your business processes to enhance your success!

Dynamics Edge D365 Training 2023 can help you understand the Fundamentals of leveraging Dynamics 365 and D365 CRM for success!

D365 is an abbreviation for “Dynamics 365” – which is a suite of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications from Microsoft.

Dynamics 365 provides businesses like yours with a range of tools to manage various aspects of your operations, including sales, customer service, marketing, finance, supply chain, and operations.

CRM is an abbreviation for “Customer Relationship Management,” which refers to the strategy and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze interactions with customers and potential customers throughout the customer lifecycle. Dynamics Edge offers D365 CRM Training March 2023 dates, if you’re available in March 2023, to learn how to use D365 CRM to do this for you. can  In the context of a Microsoft product, CRM typically refers to the customer relationship management software application within the Dynamics 365 suite.

Therefore, D365 CRM stands for “Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management,” which is the specific CRM software application within the Dynamics 365 suite. This software provides businesses and enterprises like yours with tools to manage and analyze customer interactions and data, including sales leads, customer service cases, marketing campaigns, and customer feedback. D365 CRM Training April 2023 date are available to go more into this in detail. It also integrates with other Dynamics 365 applications, such as finance and operations, to provide a comprehensive view of your customer’s interactions with the business.

Using D365 and CRM together allows businesses,including yours, to have a comprehensive view of  customer data and interactions, enabling and empowering you to make informed decisions to improve customer satisfaction, drive sales, and increase revenue. It also helps you streamline processes and eliminate data silos by providing a single source of truth for your customer information.

The Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM) certification is designed to validate your knowledge and understanding of the core capabilities of the customer engagement apps in Dynamics 365, including marketing, sales, service, and support. By earning this certification, you can demonstrate your capability in Dynamics 365 customer engagement capabilities, which can help you stand out to potential employers or clients.

Earning the Fundamentals certification can help you gain a more in-depth understanding of the capabilities and features of Dynamics 365 CRM. This can be particularly valuable if you are new to the platform or looking to advance your career in a Dynamics 365-related field. The certification also can help you demonstrate your expertise in customer engagement and business operations, which are key components of Dynamics 365 CRM. Overall, the Fundamentals certification can help you deepen your knowledge of Dynamics 365 CRM and enhance your professional credentials.


The Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM) certification exam is Exam MB-910: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM).

Here is an overview of the key topics that are covered on the exam:

  1. Describe Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (20-25%)
  • Understand the features and benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps
  • Identify the key functionalities of Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Dynamics 365 Field Service
  1. Work with Dynamics 365 Sales (25-30%)
  • Understand the sales process and pipeline management in Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Configure product catalogs, price lists, and discounts
  • Manage leads, opportunities, and sales orders
  1. Work with Dynamics 365 Customer Service (25-30%)
  • Understand the customer service process and case management in Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Configure service level agreements (SLAs) and entitlements
  • Manage cases, knowledge articles, and queues
  1. Work with Dynamics 365 Marketing (5-10%)
  • Understand the marketing process and lead management in Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Create marketing emails and campaigns
  1. Work with Dynamics 365 Field Service (5-10%)
  • Understand the field service process and work order management in Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Configure resources, services, and pricing

To prepare for the exam, Microsoft recommends that you have a basic understanding of cloud computing, customer relationship management, and Microsoft Power Platform. Dynamics Edge can help you with through comprehensive Dynamics 365 (D365) CRM Fundamentals Training – check out our D365 training 2023 dates and see if one fits, or contact us to design a custom D365 CRM training course for you!


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