Dynamics 365 D365 CRM queues are a useful feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

D365 CRM Queues Training October 2024
D365 CRM Queues Training October 2024

Queues in D365 Dynamics CRM training are designed to help you and your organizations organize, prioritize, thrive on, and manage your tasks, cases, or even any other kinds of work items that might need your attention or your action. Dynamics 365 CRM itself as a whole, is a cool suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as customer relationship management (CRM) applications software platforms that can support many kinds of your business functions. This can be including your sales, customer service, your operations, and even your marketing. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it focuses on managing a company’s interactions with your current and future customers to improve your business relationships, customer retention, and your sales growth.

Imagine a small bakery, “Sweet Treats,” that prides itself on its customer service almost as much as its famous chocolate chip cookies. The owner, Betty, now decides to implement Dynamics 365 CRM to manage her orders and customer service better. She’s particularly excited about the new queues feature, seeing it as an innovative way to streamline her growing online order system.

After setting up D365 CRM, Betty excitedly tells her team about this brand new “queue” system. She explains how it might organize and prioritize her orders. There’s a bit of a mix-up though. Her team, who is not quite grasping the fundamental concept and then thinking Betty possibly has introduced a physical line system for handling online orders, begins now organizing their tasks by literally standing in a queue right in front of the computer.

Each and every morning, this team lines up, and here the person at the front of the line processes an order. Then they go to the back of the line, now waiting for their turn again. This continues and goes on for a week, with Betty now wondering why everyone is standing around so much after all this time – but still admiring their dedication to following her instructions.

During a team meeting, the misunderstanding finally comes to light. Betty can’t really help but burst into laughter, explaining that the queues are in the software, and not a physical line! They all share a really good laugh, and Betty then takes the time to go ahead and walk everyone through how D365 CRM queues actually function and work. She shows them how to efficiently manage their tasks without having to actually stand in line.

The team then gets back on track, and starts processing orders more efficiently and effectively than ever before with the CRM queues. They occasionally joke about “getting back in line” whenever they might face a challenging order. “Sweet Treats” not only becomes quite well known for its delicious cookies but also known for its very quirky and endearing team, and that is all thanks to a little mix-up with queues.

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