With Microsoft Azure OpenAI custom training learn how Microsoft can provide you with REST API’s which dial in to OpenAI’s power-packed language models. Empower your productivity through Azure OpenAI Service and learn how to get access to these latest models!

Bespoke Azure OpenAI Training
Bespoke Azure OpenAI Training

This also includes the latest GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, which may be similar to the technology you may be familiar with from chat.openai.com via OpenAI’s ChatGPT+ subscriptions if you’ve ever used those. You may also access this similar technology via Azure, given OpenAI’s and Microsoft’s partnership. Recently in November 2023, GPT-4 Turbo was released which means a 128k context window for longer conversations and retaining of context. Prior to that point even GPT-4 was trained up to about November 2021. GPT-4 Turbo on the other hand is trained up until April 2023, an impressive and substantial update. You may have noticed these significant improvements if you’ve been using the ChatGPT+ subscriptions over a substantial period of time especially before and after November 2023. These powerful advanced AI models may be adapted for your specific scenarios which may include understanding images, understanding and generating content, natural language to be converted to code through specific scenarios and additional use cases. You can access the Azure OpenAI service via REST APIs, through the Python SDK, or even through Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Studio web interface! Learn more with custom Azure AI training – inquire to Dynamics Edge for more information!

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