Azure DevOps Services are all related to Azure DevOps Server 2022, Azure DevOps Server 2019, and even TFS 2018 or Team Foundation Server.

Azure DevOps Custom Training Dynamics Edge
Azure DevOps Custom Training

Azure DevOps is a seamless platform that encourages a culture of collaboration. It’s a set of key processes that bring contributors, project managers and developers together for software creation. Organizations can now improve existing products as well as create new ones at a pace that far exceeds that of the more traditional approaches to developing software.

With bespoke Azure DevOps training learn to work well in the cloud with Services, or leverage Azure DevOps Server to work on-premises. Inquire to us if you want to go on a deeper dive on things such as the differences and similarities between Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps Services.

Azure DevOps empowers you with key features that are well-integrated and that you can so easily access through simply your IDE client. or your own web browser. It’s ultimately your choice as to whether you want to use the comprehensive services that are included along with Azure DevOps or to instead pick and choose exactly what you may need in order to mesh well with the workflows that you already have.

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