Want to get the best of both worlds from your data warehouses and data lakes? Well a data lakehouse may be part of your answer!

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Azure Databricks Custom Training

With bespoke Azure training you may learn how the lakehouse architecture on bespoke Azure Databricks training gives you the power that is so unbelievable!

A data lakehouse empowers you with the capabilities to process and store data at scale. It’s for organizations in the modern day and age that want to stay away from systems that are islands of themselves. This is to avoid separated silos that have issues with processing disparate data that’s spread out over different data sources. Lakehouse is great for workload processing that tends to be diverse such as that inherent in Business Intelligence or BI, as well as ML (machine learning). Data lakehouses often leverage a sort of design pattern for data that refines, enriches as well as improves data in an incremental way. This data, in layers of transformation and staging, moves through them seamlessly as a part of these lakehouses. With Azure data lakehouse custom training you can learn to establish an authoritative, singular source of your data’s truth. You can make sure your data is fresh and help reduce costs associated with redundancy. Lakehouses can be mulitlayered.

For instance, the medallion architecture organizes your data layers into certain quality levels in lakehouse storage. It is highly recommended in bespoke Azure Databricks training to leverage a multilayered methodology when you try and establish a singular, authoritative truth source in your data solutions. This is whether you are doing this for enterprise, business, government, and much more. This way, your architecture can be durable, isolated, consistent as well as atomic while your data is passing through more than just a single layer of transformation and validation before it’s ultimately stored. Once it is stored, it’s in a way that lends itself well to analytics that’s efficient and optimized. For more info, inquire about Azure custom training options including on Databricks that can be your guide to success in your large scale data endeavors and all other things Azure!

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