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Bespoke Azure Data Center Training

Azure is a robust cloud platform at global scale that is readily available in many regions all over the earth for global-scale applications and services. Whenever you provision an Azure Virtual Machine or other service, you are asked to choose a region for deployment. Regions mean it’s a particular datacenter and that ends up being the place your application lives in essentially.

One of the key benefits of leveraging Azure data center custom training is that you can learn to start deploying your own applications into datacenters that reside all around this globe of ours. Learn how the region that you select is so important and can even affect the actual performance of your custom applications and web services. It’s so important to optimize by selecting a region that tends to be closer to where most of your customers are regularly accessing your services. This is to make sure that you keep your latency of network requests as low as possible. You may also need to choose a specific region for certain legal reasons.

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