Azure API for FHIR provides several features to help organizations meet the security and privacy requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Here are some of the key ways Azure API for FHIR helps with HIPAA compliance:

  1. Encryption at Rest: Azure API for FHIR uses Azure storage services that encrypt health data at rest using AES-256 encryption, which is a widely adopted encryption standard.
  2. Authentication & Authorization: Azure API for FHIR supports secure authentication and authorization using Azure Active Directory (AAD), which helps organizations ensure that only authorized users have access to health data.
  3. Audit Logging: Azure API for FHIR provides detailed audit logs for all access to health data, which can help organizations meet HIPAA requirements for logging and auditing.
  4. Access Control: Azure API for FHIR provides role-based access control to help organizations manage who has access to health data, ensuring that only authorized users can view or modify information.
  5. Compliance Certifications: Azure API for FHIR is hosted on the Azure platform, which is certified for various industry-standard compliance requirements, including HIPAA.

By using Azure API for FHIR, organizations can store and manage health data in the cloud with confidence, knowing that they are meeting the security and privacy requirements of HIPAA and other relevant regulations.

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