THR2136 Create sophisticated, enterprise-ready bots from your existing data, with no code using Azure Cognitive Services QnA Maker. Do you have a lot of information on your websites or documents that your employees or your customers are struggling to search through effectively? Want to create an easy way for them to get answers to their questions though natural language, via conversation? Don’t want to invest heavily in a team of developers/AI experts to build and manage your bot? We have the right solution for you.

QnA Maker is an Azure Cognitive Service that lets you build a conversational layer over your data, with very little effort, and zero code. The easy-to-use UI allows anybody to bootstrap a bot from a website, FAQ page, product manual or even a SharePoint doc. You can also add personality to it with a single click! With new features, you can create sophisticated multi-turn conversations, add custom synonyms, use active learning to improve your model and most importantly – do this for over 50 languages! Learn more about best practices for managing your data and information flows, through examples of customer success stories.

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202 Church Street S.E. , Suite 203 Leesburg, VA 20175
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