CategoryCoursePrice# of DaysUpcoming Dates
Data and AIAI-100 Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution1995310/5/20,  11/9/20,  12/7/20
Data and AIDP-100 Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure1995310/5/20,  11/9/20,  12/7/20
Data and AIDP-200 Implementing an Azure Data Solution1995310/5/20,  11/9/20,  12/7/20
Data and AIDP-201 Designing an Azure Data Solution1495210/5/20,  11/9/20,  12/7/20
Data and AI20767 Implementing a 2016 SQL Data Warehouse2995510/5/20,  11/9/20,  12/7/20
Data and AI20768 Developing SQL 2016 Data Models1995310/5/20,  11/9/20,  12/7/20
Data and AI20761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL 20162995510/5/20,  11/9/20,  12/7/20
Data and AI20762 Developing SQL 2016 Databases2995510/5/20,  11/9/20,  12/7/20
Data and AI10987 Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL 2016 Databases2495410/5/20,  11/9/20,  12/7/20
Data and AI20764 Administering a SQL 2016 Database Infrastructure2995510/5/20,  11/9/20,  12/7/20
Data and AI97021 Power BI - Administration and Development6951Private Training Only, Get Quote
Data and AI97022: Power BI - Dashboard in a Day695110/16/20,  11/20/20,  12/18/20
Data and AI97013: Power BI Cloud Service and Excel Combo Course 20779 and 207782995510/19/20,  11/16/20,  12/14/20
Data and AI20778: Analyzing Data with PowerBI199539/23/20,  10/21/20,  11/18/20,  12/16/20
Data and AI20779: Analyzing Data with Excel Desktop 20779 (Power BI Dashboards, Data Models, Data Sources, Reports, DAX , Power BI Mobile Apps)1995310/19/20,  11/16/20,  12/14/20

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