Making the most of out-of-box approvals in SharePoint Online
Deploy Office 365 groups at scale to power Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Yammer, and SharePoint
99+% of breaches didn’t occur because technology failed us. It’s time to fix the people problem!
Common Data Service with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Your data in ADLS: What's new and coming for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
Authorize and automate Teams guest access with surgical precision

Modernizing your desktop applications to target Windows 10
Modernizing your application with containers
Windows 10: The developer platform, and modern application development
Modernizing application deployment and development with MSIX

Detect the undetectable: Quickly identify compromised users and sophisticated campaigns with O365 ATP

Microsoft identity platform best practices for developers

This is the end. The end of an era. The end of the classic IT professional. The cloud is here and trends in IT and technology have changed over the past years. The cloud offers more and more services that can be used by developers to create beneficial apps for enterprises - the infrastructure fades from the spotlight.

Advanced hunting in Microsoft Defender ATP

Machine Learning
Leverage automated machine learning to quickstart your model building process
HOL2012 - Model training with AutoML
HOL2014 - Training a machine learning model using Azure Machine Learning service
HOL2015 - Using Azure Machine Learning service Model Versioning and Run History

Security Immersion Workshop by CDW

understanding the ways Microsoft’s vast automation-driven intelligence works to keep organizations and end users safe.
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Friday, November 8
The Hub: Immersion Workshop Room 2
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Security Immersion Workshop by CDW
The Security Immersion Experience walks security professionals through an attack kill chain comprising both external and internal threats – and how Microsoft 365 protects, detects, and responds to those threats in an integrated and holistic fashion. Participants will also gain visibility into existing and new attack vectors that Microsoft is uniquely positioned to uncover while understanding the ways Microsoft’s vast automation-driven intelligence works to keep organizations and end users safe.

Compliance Immersion Workshop by Microsoft
The Compliance Immersion Workshop is a hands-on walk through demonstrating how Microsoft 365 is uniquely positioned to help you meet your compliance obligations. This workshop focuses on Information Protection & Governance with integrated tools that allow you to know, protect, and govern your data.

Security Immersion Workshop by Microsoft
The Security Immersion Experience walks security professionals through an attack kill chain comprising both external and internal threats – and how Microsoft 365 protects, detects, and responds to those threats in an integrated and holistic fashion. Participants will also gain visibility into existing and new attack vectors that Microsoft is uniquely positioned to uncover while understanding the ways Microsoft’s vast automation-driven intelligence works to keep organizations and end users safe.

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Managing Azure Kubernetes Service: What you need to know about day two operations
You've successfully deployed Kubernetes, now what? Like any other service, you need a combination of monitoring, alerting, security tooling, and operational management strategies to make it happen. This workshop walks through and demonstrates the best practices for each of these questions and shows how the latest tooling makes it possible. You'll do hands-on exercises with the following solutions: · Azure Kubernetes Service · Kubernetes cluster and resource management · Azure Container Insights · Azure Security Center and Azure Policy · GitOps Tooling The takeaway from this will be lessons and considerations that will influence the way you operate your own AKS clusters in your enterprise.

Will Microsoft Teams take over from email?
Office 365 for IT Pros
Some predict that Microsoft Teams will replace email within large organizations. It’s certainly true that Teams makes it easy to share information between tenant users and guests, but things get more difficult when external communication is the focus. This session discusses how to approach a deployment of Teams when your organization has used Exchange and Outlook for many years. We explore the strong points of Teams and how this functionality differs from email – and then do the reverse and consider some of the downsides of Teams when compared to email. And, we consider how to measure the impact of Teams as some collaboration moves over from email. After all, you wouldn’t want to move unless you achieve the desired result.

Tips and tricks for branding your SharePoint sites
Speaker : Denise Trabona; Microsoft
Learn all the best practices and latest new functionality to help your modern SharePoint sites conform to your organization's brand guidelines.

Transform end user training using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways
Increase the use and knowledge of common Office products. Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is a free, on-demand training solution that installs within your own Office 365 environment. It is easy to customize and able to host your own company content while delivering training on Microsoft 365 workloads like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, PowerPoint and others. Learn how to increase the use of this solution by integrating it into Microsoft Teams with our app and team templates.

Wow customers with industry-specific solutions built on the Microsoft 365 platform
Solve issued with customers in industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and government. Learn how you can take advantage of these investments to build industry-relevant productivity solutions, using the latest extensibility features on the Microsoft 365 platform. We discuss support for different industries’ specific security and compliance requirements, share great solution demos, and walk through solution design using Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Teams, and our latest productivity investments.

Omnichannel for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service: What’s new and what’s coming next

In this session, get clarity around the current functionality available in one of our newest offerings, Omnichannel for Customer Service, as well as a roadmap of functionality

Modernizing your application with containers

Planning and managing licensing and capacity for PowerApps and Microsoft Flow
Do you have questions around how to plan licensing and capacity for your organization's or team's applications or processes? If so, then this is the session for you. We talk about the current and incoming capabilities of the platform and how you can take advantage and choose the right plans for your organization.

SQL Server 2019 on containers and Kubernetes

Tactics for learning Azure PowerShell

Microsoft 365 adoption vs consumption: Is there a difference & what are the feedback | reporting mechanisms we could be using to measure success?

How do you define consumption/adoption and what are the different ways we can track these? In this interactive group session, we brainstorm this crucial part of change management and take a look at misconceptions that might exist and how to define success criteria. We also investigate the possible ways to gather feedback through reporting to gain realistic perspectives on whether we are doing the right things right. We invite participants to join and share their lessons learned, challenges experienced, and quick wins. Notes will be distributed after the session.

WRK2005 - High speed blockchain: Tips and tricks for high productivity w/Azure Blockchain Service and Visual Studio Code
This technical lab is focused on how to leverage the tooling and services that Microsoft has built that enable faster creation of blockchain applications. The lab focuses on introducing the the toolset and allows attendees to get hands on and build a decentralized application. The application showcases how to get started, through compilation, debugging, testing and deploying the application both locally for developer productivity and remotely for integrated development flows. The application is built using Solidity, Ethereum and Quorum technologies.
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WRK2025R7 - Compliance Immersion Workshop by Microsoft
WRK2026R2 - Security Immersion Workshop by Microsoft

Hands-on building advanced canvas apps over the Common Data Service
Get hands-on with a raft of new capabilities for rapidly building task- and role-specific canvas apps on the Common Data Service (CDS). Walk away with repeatable skills that will help you build amazing POCs and guide customers to success.

Hands-on building advanced MODEL apps over the Common Data Service

BRK2091 - Microsoft Flow: Building enterprise-ready flows

How Microsoft is modernizing its internal engineering processes

In this session, learn how Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO)—the IT pros and developers who build, deploy, and operate the systems that run Microsoft —are on a journey to accelerate the IT engineering capabilities that support Microsoft’s own internal digital transformation. The result? CSEO is transforming IT at Microsoft. Join us and gain insight into how we’re doing this by modernizing our IT engineering practices and improving engineer productivity using Microsoft engineering and service management tools including Azure DevOps.

BRK2379 - Writing and working together with AI capabilities in Word
Speaker : Peter Leonard; Microsoft
Helping people write is the essence of Microsoft Word. Join this session to learn about the new updates to Word, including AI powered writing assistance, content reuse, task management for coordination and best in collaboration features. All designed to make it easier for individuals and groups to work, write and read together using Microsoft Word!

BRK3293R2 - Live Events for professional event producers – multi-camera; VT; auditorium scenarios (REPEAT)
Speakers: Paul Robinson; Paul Robinson, Alex O'Donnell; Microsoft
Integrate Microsoft 365 Live Events into your professional studio workflow. We show how Live Events is used to deliver Microsoft Future Decoded Live – the global digital component of the 10,000 person UK event. Are you a producer of high-impact events? Would you like to understand how to apply the Microsoft 365 Live Events platform in Microsoft Teams, Stream and Yammer to your existing broadcast workflow? Learn the architecture: Understand how the Microsoft 365 Live Events platform works; what the end-user and producer experiences look like; and what’s different from Skype Meeting Broadcast. Understand your options for authenticated and anonymous events, RTMP endpoints etc. Production basics: How to schedule and run your first Live Event; monitor quality and get detailed post-event analytics. Advanced production workflows: How to integrate Teams Live Events into your studio workflow, including use of studio cameras and pre-recorded VT (hardware and software solutions). How to blend pre-mixed studio production with on-location feeds directly from mobile phones and tablets. Discuss approaches for auditoriums and complex distribution. Session is held in the immersive multi-screen Microsoft Technology Center Envisioning Center in The Hub. Presented by the producer of Microsoft Future Decoded Live.

BRK4005 - Best practices for optimizing performance of SharePoint sites and portals in Microsoft 365
OneDrive and SharePoint
Learn how to improve and optimize the performance of SharePoint sites and portals, directly from the

BRK2294 - Modernizing InfoPath forms with PowerApps
Learn tips on how to find, triage and modernize InfoPath forms with Microsoft PowerApps and SharePoint. See what critical business processes look like when they take advantage of the full capabilities of SharePoint and the Microsoft Power Platform. See what's in the roadmap for upcoming features.

How to make Azure migrations easier and more secure
Speaker : David Mee; Carbonite
Businesses eager to migrate workloads to Azure are often discouraged because they lack in-house skills for migrating complex workloads. This session discusses common headaches associated with workload migrations and how to simplify the process. Also, hear about how Carbonite Migrate quickly and easily migrates physical, virtual, and cloud workloads to Azure with minimal risk and near-zero downtime.

THR3138 - How to optimize Azure infrastructure in 20 minutes and 10 steps

Enterprises are adopting on-premises infrastructure models such as security, performance monitoring, and application acceleration in Azure cloud. In a physical world, connecting these types of technology to an enterprise ecosystem is trivial. But, transparently providing these network services in the cloud can be tricky. In this session, Riverbed demonstrates how to leverage user-defined routes and Vnet peers to create an optimization service chain to improve Azure cloud performance and reduce data charges. This easy-to-follow and intuitive approach to service chaining can jump start all your service infrastructure projects.
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BRK001 - Empowering every developer to innovate with Microsoft Azure

Join Donovan Brown, Kendra Havens, Abel Wang, and Jeff Hollan as they take us on an end-to-end tour to showcase how developers can grow their skills and build any kind of application with the most popular toolkit in the market, collaborate with the largest developer community on the planet, and release apps in an open and innovative end-to-end cloud.

BRK002 - Azure Data: Unmatched price-performance and limitless capabilities wherever your data lives
Speaker : Rohan Kumar
Join Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President of Azure Data, to learn about the latest innovations on Microsoft's data platform. Learn why Azure is the unmatched cloud in price-performance and how we are redefining cloud analytics with new and unrivaled capabilities. See our latest Kubernetes-based hybrid innovations that enable customers to reimagine their hybrid cloud environments. Watch live demos that showcase breakthrough scale and performance in Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Server 2019, PostgreSQL, and more. Hear first-hand from customers as they share how they’ve used Azure Data to build cutting-edge solutions to transform their businesses.

BRK003 - Azure AI: Powering new possibilities for every organization

BRK004 - Create more value for your business on Azure infrastructure, from the cloud to the edge

Empower everyone in your organization to drive digital transformation with the Microsoft Power Platform
Speakers: Arun Ulagaratchagan; Microsoft, Charles Lamanna; Microsoft, Pradeep Chanda; Lowes Inc
Organizations have embraced the value of having data at the center of their business. It is coming from everywhere: web, social media, CRM/ERP systems, and people. But how can you enable everyone in your organization, regardless of their technical background, to leverage this data and drive better business outcomes? How do you democratize AI so it can work for all? That’s where the Power Platform comes in! By enabling users to Analyze, Act, and Automate it helps everyone to participate in and drive efficiency through digital transformation. Join the Power Platform leadership team and our growing global community of millions of active users that is driving this type of change everywhere.

Modern management: How/why you do it now
Right now, the technology available to IT provides more opportunities for innovation than ever before. This innovation coincides with increasing needs and expectations from end users who want to be more connected, more productive, and have more freedom to work in a way that meets the unique needs of their job. In this demo-heavy keynote, Brad discusses how IT organizations can support the needs of their workforce with a “Modern Management” approach to Windows, Office, and your own apps. Also, learn how you can take the work Brad’s organization has done with Microsoft 365 and use it to delight and empower users – all while ensuring your organization’s data is safe and secure.

Microsoft Security for your entire environment
Speakers: Steve Dispensa; Microsoft, Rob Lefferts, Chris Flynn; NHS Digital
When everything and everyone is a potential attack vector, its easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start or what really matters. But don’t worry! In this session Rob and Steve show you how Microsoft Security helps you protect your entire environment and empower your SOC to respond when the inevitable occurs.

MLS1007 - Top serverless tools you can’t live without
Speakers: Frank Boucher; Microsoft, Burke Holland; Microsoft
Serverless is all about efficiency for your application, but what about you? Learn how to be more efficient when you are coding, deploying, and managing serverless solutions. Get a tour of the best tools available.

WRK1000 - Power BI Data modeling fundamentals
This instructor-led session covers important topics in relation to scalable and well-performing Power BI models. It targets business analysts and IT pros, and provides them with foundational knowledge of Power BI modeling and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) basics. This workshop builds upon these foundations by introducing model design best practices, describing row and filter context, exploring practical uses of the CALCULATE function, and solving real-world business challenges with the Time Intelligence functions and iterator functions. This workshop is suitable for those looking to gain an understanding and appreciation of Power BI modeling and DAX.

WRK2019 - Security Immersion Workshop by Synergy Technical
The Security Immersion Experience walks security professionals through an attack kill chain comprising both external and internal threats – and how Microsoft 365 protects, detects, and responds to those threats in an integrated and holistic fashion. Participants will also gain visibility into existing and new attack vectors that Microsoft is uniquely positioned to uncover while understanding the ways Microsoft’s vast automation-driven intelligence works to keep organizations and end users safe.

BRK2247 - Configure, don’t create: How Microsoft automated its own complex business processes with Dynamics 365 and AI
Speakers: Emilie Hunt; CSEO, Shashi Lanka; Microsoft
Join Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO)—the experts who build, deploy and operate the systems that run Microsoft—to learn how they automated complex business processes and transactions with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Microsoft Bot Framework, with AI at the heart of this solution. They’ll give you a peek into their project COSMIC (Customer Obsessed Solution Management and Incident Care) —a contract and transaction-case management solution—that will inspire you to automate your own complex business processes and take full advantage of out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 functionality. They’ll even share COSMIC with you—available now on Microsoft AppSource.

Exception reporting in Microsoft Power BI: Catch the error rows in Power Query

BRK3284 - Power Platform evolution inc. AI Builder and Portals

Discover the journey that the Power Platform has made over the years, with a focus on the benefits and capabilities of PowerApps and Flow. Gain a deeper understanding of how the platform combines and leverages all 3 Microsoft Clouds, ensuring the most value for your investment. We’ll highlight the platform’s latest capabilities, namely AI Builder and PowerApps Portals. Insights from live demonstrations that cover how to embed a PowerApp inside a PowerBI Dashboard, resulting in real time updates to the dashboard, as well as making use of AI Builder. Session is held in the immersive multi-screen Microsoft Technology Center Envisioning Center in The Hub.

DYNA10 - Dynamics 365: Establish and administer a cross organization business applications strategy
Speaker : Eric Boocock; Microsoft
Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a complete platform of modular, intelligent, and connected SaaS business applications with inherent tooling that meet security and compliance requirements, ensure uptime, and streamline control and access. This session outlines how you can support data integration and governance, seamlessly manage authentication, and administer an interconnected set of business applications and automated processes throughout your organization.

THR2004 - Best practices on training firstline workers to adopt Microsoft Teams
Speaker : Vesa Nopanen; Innofactor
What should be especially noted when training and coaching your firstline workers to use Teams? How will they best adopt Teams into their work routines? How to best train them to maximize adoption and ensure the success of deployment? Join this session to learn about best practices and real-world experiences from various cases to get a head start with your firstline workers.

Azure DevOps for Power Platform ISVs: Automate ISV solution deployments and release regular upgrades and patches to all customers concurrently
Mohamed Mostafa

The widely anticipated Azure DevOps PowerApps build tools are here. If you are a Microsoft ISV partner, the ability to automate the deployment of regular updates and patches to all your customers concurrently must sound like a dream! Now this dream is becoming a reality for Microsoft ISVs with PowerApps Build Tools for Azure DevOps.

As a Microsoft Power Platform or Microsoft Dynamics 365 professional, you must have considered, even if not actually implemented, DevOps in every project you worked on, ISV solution or otherwise. Join our Microsoft MVP, Mohamed Mostafa, to learn how to build fully automated concurrent deployments of your ISV solution to all your customers directly onto their environments using Azure DevOps Pipeline.

BRK2307 - Building serverless solutions
Speaker : Eduardo Laureano; Microsoft
If you are currently working on a serverless solution or evaluating it for the future, join this small-group discussion to hear from other attendees and experts on a range of topics around event-driven applications and Azure Functions – including resource automation using PowerShell, machine learning with Python, serverless Kubernetes with KEDA, or enterprise scenarios with the Premium Functions plan.

Express yourself: Elevate your Microsoft Flow game by using expressions

You have been automating all your business processes with Microsoft Flow and want to take them to the next level, but don’t know how. Yes, there are tons of actions that can be added to flows but having a high number of them may become extremely overwhelming, especially when building large flows. Using expressions can help in reducing the number of actions a flow can execute, which in turn, reduces the runtime of the flow. In this session, learn how to embrace expressions, which actions can be replaced by expressions, and how to build them by seeing some awesome, real-life flow solutions.

WRK2008 - Running WordPress applications on Azure App Service
Azure App Service makes it easy to host CSM applications like WordPress at scale. Come and join Bryon Tardiff and Sisira Panchagnula as we work through the steps of creating your first WordPress App, show best practices and configure a geo-distributed highly available WordPress deployment using App Service.

BRK1100 - Streamline your business process on Microsoft Teams: Code-less integrated application with chatbot

In this demo, learn the power of integrating Microsoft Teams, Power Platform and Azure Bot Services; and how easy it is for a business user to build an app without code! Create a Team and a channel to start the process of building a dynamic application using Microsoft PowerApps; then add SharePoint as the main data collection tool. Build an interactive landing page and learn how to navigate between the application pages. Connect the scenario with an approval process using Microsoft Flow export the data to Excel to build a Digital Dashboard using Power BI. Finally, add a basic Chat Bot and add it to the same channel to answer basic questions. This session is held in the immersive multi-screen Microsoft Technology Center Envisioning Center in The Hub.
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What's new in Microsoft 365 Business: Advanced security for small and medium businesses
Speakers: David Bjurman-Birr; Microsoft, Nathalie Irvine; Microsoft / E&D, Alex Fields; SUCCESS Computer Consulting
Did you know that security is a top concern for over 85% of small and medium businesses as they are increasingly targeted by cyberattacks? Microsoft 365 Business is THE comprehensive solution for businesses with less than 300 employees that combines your favorite productivity tools with advanced security and management capabilities such as conditional access, advanced threat protection, device management and multi factor authentication to protect your identity, data and devices. In this deep dive session, we cover what's new and what's next on the roadmap for Microsoft 365 Business and then show real-world applications and deployment best practices for partners and customers. Bring your laptop so you can follow along. Come prepared with your questions and feedback!

Accessibility best practices from inside the Microsoft enterprise
Speaker : Luke Gaylor; Microsoft
Accessibility is a major component of the Microsoft corporate strategy to ‘empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more’. In this quick 20-minute session, learn new ways of thinking about accessibility from the experts in Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO)—the experts who build, deploy, and operate the systems that run Microsoft and who lead Microsoft’s internal transformation. Gain tips into how you can incorporate inclusive design practices in the creation of your own employee tools and apps, and how by placing accessibility at the core of your development process, you too will empower every one of your own employees, anywhere in the world.

Adopting the Microsoft Power Platform in the enterprise
Speaker : Andrew Welch; Applied Information Sciences (AIS)
More and more large organizations with complex missions are connecting siloed data, engaging customers, and driving ROI with amazing custom solutions on Power Platform — Microsoft PowerApps, Power BI, Microsoft Flow and the Common Data Service (CDS). Mature organizations realize that rigor, discipline, and best practices are needed to truly adopt such a nimble, yet versatile, platform at scale. This session introduces the Power Platform Adoption Framework and gives an overview of its start-to-finish approach to help you and your organization get the most value out of any form of Power Platform available to you today. We also share how other enterprise organizations have scaled with large and complex needs using Power Platform and what were the tools, best practices and patterns they explored and used to become successful adopters.

Simplify your firstline business processes by leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform to let them work less, and achieve more
Speakers: Daniel Hidalgo; Microsoft, Weston Lander; Microsoft
Reimagine the employee experience with the powerful, intuitive and secure tools of Microsoft 365. Learn how Telstra - Australia's leading Telco provider- leverages the capabilities of Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI within Microsoft Teams to equip their firstline workers to be more skilled, empowered, and ready to serve customers and provide visibility to their leaders.

MLS1015 - The Future of Serverless
Speakers: Burke Holland; Microsoft, Daria Grigoriu; Microsoft, Eduardo Laureano; Microsoft, Fabio Cavalcante; Microsoft
Daria answers questions about what serverless web apps are, why they are awesome, and how to debug them. For more information on serverless head over to

THR2321 - Refactoring made easy with IntelliCode
Speaker : Victoria Cushing; Microsoft
What if your developer tools could track your edits and learn about the repeatable changes you were making? With Visual Studio and IntelliCode, we spots repetition quickly and suggests other places in your code where you might want to apply that same change, right in your IDE.

WRK3001 - Microsoft Bot Framework workshop: Build a bot with Bot Framework Composer
Hands-on workshop for building bot using the Bot Framework Composer tool. Learn how to use the latest Bot Framework SDK Adaptive Dialog, Language Generation, and integrated experience for language understanding.

WRK3002 - Hands-on with migrating to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance using DMS
Join us and gets hands-on with migrating your on-premises SQL Server databases and logins to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance using our Azure Database Migration Service (DMS). In this lab you assess your on-premises SQL Server databases, application data layer, understand the Azure data target and size recommended to fit your workload, use Azure Database Migration Service to perform an online migration to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

BRK2095 - Logic apps in the real world for organizations large and small
Speaker : Rik Hepworth; Black Marble
Azure has lots of great tools in Integration and App Services to help connect your various business systems and transfer information between them. Whether your project is greenfield or replacing an existing solution, there are benefits to be had by organizations of all sizes. In this session, we talk about two of our recent engagements: the first is a new solution for a charitable organization and the second a replacement solution for a large retailer. We discuss how and why we designed the solutions, our experiences and learnings during development, and the benefits to the organizations involved. We hope to send you away inspired to look at how you can implement similar projects yourselves.

BRK2137 - Use Azure’s edge infrastructure to make edge computing work for your business
Speakers: Dean Paron; Microsoft, Natalia Mackevicius; Microsoft, Bernardo Caldas; Microsoft
Join us to learn more about Azure Edge infrastructure - Azure Data Box Edge, Azure Stack and Azure Stack HCI. We will discuss customer use cases and scenarios, latest product announcements and long term strategy

BRK3139 - Sysadmin's guide to the cloud
Speaker : Mustafa Toroman; Authority Partners
Sysadmins are used to managing all aspects of their servers and infrastructure - from physical and virtual, to OS and monitoring. When moving to the cloud, things are little bit different and we lose some of the control. Or do we really? Things in the cloud are different than in the on-premises world, but there are lot of things to make sysadmins' lives easier. Join us in this session and learn secrets of cloud administration that every sysadmin should know!

BRK3330 - Unifying AI-to-BI with the future of Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Speaker : Rony Thomas; Microsoft
To truly unlock the value of your data, you need a data pipeline that works with the latest in machine learning and business intelligence tools over all your data. By combining the ingestion, preparation, and analytical capabilities of the modern data warehouse pattern, the scale and performance of SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Power BI, you can truly have it all. In this session, we walk through how these integrations enable you to prepare data, train models, and generate reports as part of a single pipeline in Azure.

DYNA30 - Configuring and managing Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service: Establish a proactive service organization
Speaker : P Alpana Bajaj; Microsoft
In this session, you will learn how to deploy, configure, and connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service, provide actionable insights by integrating Insights applications, enable and support an omnichannel engagement strategy, leverage BoT and IoT to streamline case/ticket remediation, and gain an understanding of how you can enable mixed reality solutions in support of your field engineers productivity.

POWA30 - Enable modern analytics and enterprise business intelligence using Microsoft Power BI
Speakers: Christian Wade; Microsoft, Adam Saxton; Microsoft
Power BI is Microsoft's enterprise BI Platform that enables you to build comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytic solutions that deliver actionable insights. This session will dive into the latest capabilities and future roadmap. Various topics will be covered such as performance, scalability, management of Power BI artifacts, and monitoring. Learn how to use Power BI to create semantic models that are reused throughout large, enterprise organizations.

THR1100 - Learn how to navigate and leverage Microsoft AppSource to extend the Microsoft Power Platform
Speaker : Ryan Storgaard; Microsoft
Using one of the Microsoft Power Platform products - Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow - but interested in extending functionality relevant to your function or industry? In just 20 minutes, we show you how to use Microsoft AppSource to identify apps that extend the products you already own. Whether you are looking for AI apps or industry specific extensions, we show you how you can quickly discover, try, and even buy SaaS apps and extensions that work with the Power Platform.

THR2136 - Create sophisticated, enterprise-ready bots from your existing data, with no code using Azure Cognitive Services QnA Maker
Speaker : Tulasi Menon; Microsoft
Have a lot of information on your websites or documents that your employees or your customers are struggling to search through? Want to create an easy way for them to get answers to their questions though natural language, via conversation? Don’t want to invest heavily in a team of developers/AI experts to build and manage your bot? We have the right solution for you. QnA Maker is an Azure Cognitive Service that lets you build a conversational layer over your data, with very little effort, and zero code. The easy-to-use UI allows anybody to bootstrap a bot from a website, FAQ page, product manual or even a SharePoint doc. You can also add personality to it with a single click! With new features, you can create sophisticated multi-turn conversations, add custom synonyms, use active learning to improve your model and most importantly – do this for over 50 languages! Learn more about best practices for managing your data and information flows, through examples of customer success stories.

MLS1017 - What’s new with Azure Cognitive Services
Speakers: Anand Raman; Microsoft Corp, Amy Boyd; Microsoft
Join us for an interactive session to learn about the key advances that are generating business value for customers with Azure Cognitive Services. For more information on Azure Cognitive Services, head over to

BRK3110 - Winning strategies for identity security and governance
Speakers: Alex Weinert; Microsoft Corporation, Joseph Dadzie; Microsoft Corporation
Cybersecurity incidents make news regularly, and the attacks have become more sophisticated and complicated for organizations to keep up with. This increase is in spite of high spending on security solutions and resources. The key to successful identity management is moving towards an identity-centric security strategy. Think like a bad actor and work out the attacks you're most likely to face, and guard against them to the best of your ability. In this session, we will discuss some of the winning strategies for effective identity management.

THR1038 - Effectively writing proposals and responding to RFPs for Microsoft Azure
Speaker : Vikram Pendse; e-Zest Solutions Ltd
This session is for business users, technical sales, and pre-sales teams. This interactive session makes you aware about basic templates designs to simplify the requirement gathering process. It provides do's and don'ts, and how to respond to common security and availability queries.

BRK2063 - What’s the latest with Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s premier globally distributed, multi-model database system. The service is designed to allow users to elastically and horizontally scale both throughput and storage across any number of geographical regions. It offers guaranteed <10 ms latencies at the 99th percentile, 99.999% high availability and five well defined consistency models to developers. It’s been powering Microsoft’s very own mission-critical internet-scale services for nearly a decade. In this session, we present demos of all the latest and greatest features we’re launching for Azure Cosmos DB at Microsoft Ignite. These range from top requested features to new novel capabilities. You’ll definitely want to attend this session if you're using, or are new to Azure Cosmos DB.
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BRK3125 - Building high-value integrated data center solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack
Speaker : Vijay Tewari; Microsoft Corp
Join us to learn about designing an Azure Stack solution with large scale storage, modernizing your datacenter with new application infrastructure, planning for production readiness with data protection and disaster recovery, and providing the best environment for developers building hybrid solutions.

THR3030 - Finding your Microsoft 365 mojo: Ten killer features that you never knew existed
Speaker : Andy Malone; Quality Training (UK) Ltd
Think you know Microsoft 365? Join Andy Malone as he takes you on a fascinating journey into the fastest selling cloud service of all time. This is a session packed with new and old features that I’ll bet you never knew were there. From administration to PowerShell and identity to mobile device management. Packed with tips and tricks, this is a session you can’t afford to miss.

RK1009 - Machine learning simplified: From ideation to deployment with Azure Machine Learning
Speakers: Erez Barak; Microsoft - Azure AI, Anita Klopfenstein; Little Caesars
Artificial intelligence is right here, right now—and making AI real for businesses is our goal. Azure Machine Learning offers powerful tools for all levels of data science, including a powerful, simple drag and drop authoring environment with no-code needed. You can go from ideation to deployment in a matter of clicks and visually design your machine learning models with ease. Whether you are new to machine learning, a data scientist or a developer, you can leverage this platform to accelerate your data science journey

BRK1084 - Microsoft Azure + PowerApps: Build web and mobile apps amazingly fast on Azure SQL with low-code
Speakers: Julie Strauss; Microsoft, Hailey Huber; Microsoft
What is the value of building apps on the Microsoft Power Platform as an existing user of Azure services? Why should you care? How will Power Platform help you as an Azure user to more broadly provide access to your services? In this session, we walk you through the value prop for developers building apps on the Power Platform and highlight why its relevant for organizations already investing in Azure.

BRK2224 - PowerApps top 10: Major new capabilities that are shaping the future of low code
Speakers: Ryan Cunningham; Microsoft, Russell Robinson; Chevron, Clay Wesener; Microsoft
Low-code app development is evolving rapidly, and Microsoft PowerApps is leading the way. This session recaps the incredible momentum in the platform – with a focus on showing off the top new features recently released that are expanding what’s possible for citizen and pro developers alike. From AI to external portals, we share a complete overview of the major innovation areas happening in PowerApps and how your can use these capabilities to bring the next level of digital intensity to your organization.

RK4016 - Real detection stories! See how Microsoft 365 Threat Protection defeated actual attacks and adheres to the MITRE framework
Speakers: Elia Florio; Microsoft, David Fantham; Microsoft Threat Protection
Today, attackers rely on the cloud as much as defenders rely on it for protection. Hybrid attacks that originate from cloud services and propagate to physical endpoints are no longer exceptional stories. Who needs code execution exploits when a mail rule from the cloud can spawn a shell? Who needs backdoor persistence on endpoints when stealing sign-on tokens could be enough to steal data from a different device? Come listen to real stories of such attacks and the techniques behind them, and see how Microsoft Threat Protection is building enhanced signal across endpoints, identities, and cloud services to secure your entire estate and expose threats using the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

SECI10 - Identity and access management best practices from around the world
Speakers: Ramiro Calderon; Microsoft, Stefanus van der Wiele; Microsoft
Join the Azure Active Directory customer success team and learn how they have helped hundreds of customers around the world accelerate digital transformation with identity and access management. Find out how you can quickly and easily get Azure Active Directory up and running and be the hero of your organization.

THR2009 - Career skills: IT pro to cloud pro – strap on your jetpack!
Speaker : Andrew Bettany; IT Masterclasses Ltd
With Azure, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Security, Windows Autopilot, and Microsoft Intune, the hottest topics in IT today, you need to seriously up your game. We are seeing a seismic shift towards the cloud and IT professionals need the skills to embrace the cloud, collaboration, and mobility. Join cloud professional and career mentor Andrew Bettany, MCT, MVP and author to outline the key skill areas that you must embrace to succeed.

UNC1019 - One value: Breaking silos of knowledge and communications
Speaker : Raphael Koellner; devoteam Alegri GmbH |
Since we have been working together on challenges, we have had to transport and communicate knowledge. We create silos and we break them. In this unconference, together we talk about knowledge management and how we can combine Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, and Exchange together to break walls and support a culture of openness and create awareness for the company and its customers. We want to support respect, frankness, and passion as our vision to be more than a company. "Detours increase knowledge of a place" can be a slogan, but a slogan itself doesn't help. We need to fill it with life, with people, with passion. So join us and let's start to break down the walls!

BRK3016 - Building event driven apps with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions
Speaker : Tim Sander; Microsoft
Users expect modern apps to offer event-driven, real-time experiences. In this demo-packed session, learn how to build event-driven apps using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions. Learn how to subscribe to changes in Azure Cosmos DB collections and trigger logic in real time without needing to manage any servers. Understand real-world use cases in multi-billion dollar industries, ranging from retail, IoT, gaming, and more.

BRK3208 - Democratizing self-service data preparation within Microsoft Power BI, PowerApps and Flow using Dataflows
Speaker : Miguel Llopis; Microsoft
Preparing and defining ETL for insights is a significant challenge for businesses today — ingestion, cleansing, transformation, and enrichment are labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks which require deep technical skills. Microsoft has recently introduced advanced data prep with dataflows for the Power Platform, a suite of self-service low-code/no-code features and capabilities for business analysts and citizen developers to easily process and unify their data and store it in Azure-based data-lake storage. With these new capabilities, Microsoft offers a solution for any business need — whether you want to prep your data with ease, using a familiar built-in Power Query experience, or leverage the full Azure stack for more advanced use-cases. Join this session to learn everything you need to know about dataflows and how to easily prep your data, leverage Microsoft’s standardized schema (CDM), improve time-to-value, eliminate data silos, and create one source of truth for your organizational insights.

THR1118 - Not your father’s business app: The top five innovations in model-driven PowerApps that will impress users
Speaker : Mark Spilde; Microsoft
See what’s new and coming next for the model-driven PowerApps experience, Unified Interface. In this session, learn about the latest improvements to Forms, Views and other end-user experiences, as well as the modern designers that enable you to quickly build rich model-driven PowerApps.

THR2036 - Improve your Dynamics 365 and Common Data Service data quality with Microsoft Flow
Speaker : Joel Lindstrom; Hitachi Solutions
Using the Common Data Service for PowerApps and Microsoft Dynamics 365, data quality can be a problem. Many companies have incomplete or duplicate contact data in their databases, which can frustrate users and cause business disruption and governance issues. This is especially amplified with regulatory compliance for GDPR and other privacy laws. In this session, see a real-world example of how Microsoft Flow can be used to score records and identify duplicates, as well as automate data cleanup.

9:35 AM - 9:55 AM

THR3048 - Threats in the wild: Detecting on-premises threats with Azure Advanced Threat Protection
Speaker : Tali Ash; Microsoft
Learn about the how the Azure ATP security research team leverages the cloud to roll out the most up-to-date attack detections to ensure your company is the most secure.

MLS1036 - Kickstart your enterprise and ISV development with ready-to-use components and controls
Speakers: Vesa Juvonen; Microsoft, Tom Morgan; Modality Systems
Microsoft 365 is a huge opportunity for all developers to easily reach out to millions of enterprise customers to provide them solutions and services. Microsoft is supporting you on this journey of creating impactful solutions by providing numerous different reusable services and components, which simplifies the development and adoption of Microsoft 365 services. If you develop for Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, we can significantly increase your productivity by providing you ready-to-use controls and countless samples. In this interview, we talk about the SharePoint PnP initiative, what it provides and how the model is extending to other services. For more information head over to

BRK2038 - Unlock your data and transform your organization with workplace intelligence (roadmap and demos)
Speakers: Anupama Challa; Microsoft, Kamal Janardhan; Microsoft
Did you know that almost 50% of modern workplace benefits are related to behavioral change in the workplace? Discover how new workplace intelligence features in Microsoft Workplace Analytics help you reveal quantifiable insights about how work gets done, and how you can apply those insights in countless ways—streamlining processes, cutting unnecessary meetings, or helping people collaborate more effectively—to drive speed and impact.

THR2247 - Infusing intelligence into your Flows using AI Builder
Speaker : Tulsi Keshkamat; Microsoft
Bring your process automation to the next level by infusing AI based intelligence. Learn how to leverage AI Builder models with Microsoft Flow in a completely no code way from training to automating.

BRK3159 - Become a Microsoft Flow super hero
Speaker : serge luca; Doctor Flow
In this session, learn about Microsoft Flow features and approaches that are essential if you really want to create enterprise business process flows. Both technical and technical features that we have learned through 10 real-world flow projects. New patterns, tips and tricks, some advanced expressions, JSON and CDS techniques are detailed. New architectures as well as tools limitations and workarounds. Advanced approvals, advanced SharePoint integration, document management, custom connectors, and much more

Hands-on with Microsoft PowerApps and Azure
Pratap Ladhani

In this hands-on workshop integrating PowerApps and Azure services, we shall walk through a technical scenario demonstrating the rapid application development capabilities of PowerApps. In the lab, we shall be building a PowerApps Canvas app and connect to an RESTful API App hosted in Azure using a custom-connector. This scenario can be used to unlock the potential of untapped assets within an enterprise (legacy APIs, data sources, processes etc..)

WRK1008 - Microsoft PowerApps: Hands on with AI Builder, a new capability that makes artificial intelligence easy to add within the Microsoft Power Platform
Get hands-on with AI Builder to easily add AI to the Power Platform over the Common Data Service (CDS). Learn how to bring the power of Microsoft AI at your fingertips without requiring coding skills or data science skills. During this workshop, create several AI Builder models (Binary Classification, Text Classification, Object Detection, Form Scanning) in PowerApps and use those models directly in PowerApps or flows.

R2182 - How to deploy an end-to-end knowledge mining solution in ten minutes
Speaker : Derek Legenzoff; Microsoft
Come learn how to deploy an end-to-end knowledge mining solution on your data with the Azure knowledge mining solution accelerator. From the search index to ML models to web UI – all with a couple of clicks.

THR2232 - The top ten most common Active Directory security issues, their impact, and remediation
Speaker : Sean Metcalf; Trimarc
Attackers have set their sights squarely on Active Directory (AD), though this typically isn't the primary objective. The motivation and end goals range from stealing data to impacting corporate operations. Gaining control of AD is a means to an end; compromising AD is often the most direct path to all critical corporate resources. Effectively protecting AD is critical in limiting the impact of a breach. Security and operations teams have worked to clean up old practices and configurations. But the problem remains: What security issues still linger in your AD environment? This session covers ten of the most common AD security issues we find in customer environments, their impact, and methods to resolve and remediate them.

Microsoft Power Platform: Going under the hood of Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI with Charles Lamanna
Jeremy Chapman

Join CVP Charles Lamanna, a lead founder and architect of the Power Platform, for a deep look at how we bridge development and services at scale. He walks through core concepts of the Common Data Service, the catalog of connectors to >150 common SaaS apps and platforms, and how you can build powerful business apps in minutes using PowerApps, Flow, and Power BI.

Join us for this exclusive Microsoft Mechanics show for a hands-on and demo rich experience. We’ll be filming in our Microsoft Mechanics Live studio in the Hub on the show floor.

And don’t forget, as part of our audience you get the chance to win prizes and to see yourself later online!

BRK2236 - Compliance, privacy, and securing your data in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
Speakers: Radhika Janardanan; Microsoft, Sreenivas Dasari; Microsoft, Shailesh Nikam; Microsoft
To help meet the needs of customers with unique regulatory and compliance requirements as well as expand our global footprint, we continually launch our cloud services in new infrastructure regions. Sovereign and regional datacenter infrastructures, stimulate economic development for both customers and partners alike, enabling organizations to realize the benefits of the cloud for innovation, as well as bolstering the technology ecosystem that supports the innovation. Learn about infrastructure strategy, user and application management of our portfolio of out-of-the-box applications and services and how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform meet compliance, security, and the privacy requirements of both customers and partners.

BRK2212 - Introducing PowerApps portals for external users
Speakers: Dileep Singh; Microsoft, Sandeep Dhanrajani; Microsoft
Learn how Microsoft PowerApps customers can create websites over data stored in Common Data Service that can be accessed by external users with a wide variety of identities including personal accounts, LinkedIn, and other Azure Active Directory organizations as well as allow anonymous browsing of content.

WRK2009 - Workflow automation from GitHub Actions to Azure
GitHub Actions is a powerful workflow automation solution with native CI/CD supported by the GitHub community. In this session, learn how to securely accelerate deployment to Azure from within your GitHub repo using GitHub Actions and Azure services.

THR1039 - Microsoft Flow best practices: 20 tips in 20 minutes
Speaker : Jerry Weinstock; Campus Management
Get 20 tips on building flows using best practices, principles, methods, and design patterns so that they run as expected. Flow makers will learn how to create robust flows more easily and efficiently. Each best practice is described and includes a practical example.

WRK3010R2 - Deploying Microsoft Information Protection technologies to protect sensitive data: Azure Information Protection (AIP) (Repeat)
Speaker : Kevin McKinnerney; Microsoft
Microsoft Information Protection is a cloud-based solution that can help organizations to protect sensitive information by classifying and (optionally) encrypting documents and emails on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. This is done using an organization defined classification taxonomy made up of labels and sub-labels. This lab discusses an end-to-end enterprise deployment scenario. We discuss the discover, classify and label, protect and control access, and monitor phases of the information protection life cycle.
Waitlist is full

Thursday, November 7
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

WRK3028R2 - Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection deep dive (Repeat)
Speakers: John Engels; Microsoft, Pawel Partyka; Security and Compliance
Get hands-on security policy experience using Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection phish and malware protection policies, plus security operations tools. This lab is designed for security administrators and security operations analysts to give them a hands-on understanding of configuring and evaluating protection policies, as well as experience using threat hunting and remediation tools that are available in Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Plan 1 and Plan 2 capabilities.
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Thursday, November 7
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

WRK3029R3 - Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory (Repeat)
Speaker : Adam Harbour; Microsoft

BRK2222 - Optimize your apps with quality tools for PowerApps
Speakers: Evan Chaki; Microsoft, Aengus Heaney; Microsoft, Greg Lindhorst; Microsoft PowerApps
Learn how to build, test, and troubleshoot high-quality and high-performance PowerApps apps by using built-in tools like App Diagnostics, PowerApps Test Framework, Solution Checker, and App Checker.

End user training: Microsoft 365 learning pathways demo
Matt Wolodarsky

Microsoft is providing customers with a free customizable, on-demand training solution designed to increase usage and adoption of Microsoft 365 services in your organization. See this hands-on demo to download, configure, and roll out your own in-house training portal. Learn how to customize the training assets available to your employees, create your own custom playlists, or install our custom web part into your own training portal. Let the learning begin!

MLS1056 - What’s new in Microsoft Defender ATP
Speakers: Heike Ritter; Microsoft Corp, Anthony Bartolo; Microsoft - @WirelessLife
We are constantly innovating new features and capabilities to provide the industry-best protection for our customers, and we are committed to continue pushing the limits in protection, detection, and response capabilities. Come and join Heike Ritter, Sr. Product Manager, to discuss recent improvements.

UNC1013 - Accessibility in the Microsoft Power Platform
Speaker : Meagan Longoria; Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting
While there are defined accessibility standards for websites and custom applications, the lines get blurry when it comes to low-code solutions like Microsoft PowerApps or reports in Power BI. Microsoft Power Platform content creators don’t control the scripts and ARIA tags behind the page, but they should be concerned about designing for users with visual, cognitive, and motor disabilities. Join a discussion on users’ accessibility struggles with Power Platform content and the techniques that improved accessibility in those situations. Gain a greater awareness of accessibility challenges, new techniques to make Power Platform content more accessible, and ideas on how to build accessible design habits in your organization.

UNC1028 - Idea swap: Using Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways to improve user adoption
Speakers: Darrell Webster; Datacom, Daniel Glenn; InfoWorks, Inc.
The Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways site is a new way to build engaging learning content to improve user adoption. Come along to this idea swap session, prepared to share, show and tell, and be inspired by others exploring the possibilities. In the first half of the session, we share ideas in small groups. In the second half of the session, each group nominates an idea or example to share with the whole session. This session is ideal for SharePoint learning portal owners, technology trainers, learning and development, and those working in user adoption and change management.

WRK1001 - Delivering a real-time Microsoft Power BI dashboard with the REST API
This instructor-led session cover developing a real-time dashboard by using the Power BI REST API. Use a pre-developed application to explore each of the Power BI REST API methods, and to produce the following real-time dashboard.

BRK1037 - Let’s build a knowledgeable chatbot with Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Bot Services, and QnA Maker
Speaker : Matthew Wade; AtBot & jumpto365
Terms like artificial intelligence, chatbots, and machine learning are hot topics in today’s tech world. Drop by to get under-the-covers with everyday uses of AI and hear examples of practical applications of using chatbots to make your colleagues’ and customers’ days easier and more productive. From automating tasks to being a central source of knowledge, it’s not that difficult to cash in on this new tech to improve process, knowledge management, productivity, and customer engagement. Session topics include Azure Cognitive Services supporting language understanding in LUIS, knowledge sharing in QnA Maker, process automation in Microsoft Flow, and more.

UNC1002 - Power Platform for the CRM person
Speakers: Joel Lindstrom; Hitachi Solutions, Shawn Tabor; Hitachi Solutions, Marco Amoedo Martinez; KPMG, Elaiza Benitez; Independent Consultant
You have been using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for years and suddenly everybody is talking about PowerApps. It feels like the world has left you behind. In this session, other Dynamics 365 professionals who have broadened their focus to include Microsoft Flow and PowerApps share real-world examples of how Dynamics and PowerApps can work together, and tips about how to build on what you already know.

WRK1010 - Hands-on with Microsoft PowerApps: Building an end-to-end solution
Speakers: Vasavi Bhaviri Setty; Microsoft, Saurabh Pant; Microsoft
Join this beginner-level workshop to get hands-on experience with PowerApps, AI Builder, Portals, Business Process Flows and the Common Data Service. This instructor-led experience includes step-by-step instructions for someone new to these technologies to build a conference/event solution.

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