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7008 WordPress Essentials

On this course you will learn to develop clear objectives for your site, and configuring WordPress with those objectives in mind and employ core set of content management techniques to minimize site administration.


  • Developing clear objectives for your site, and configuring WordPress with those objectives in mind
  • Employing a core set of content management techniques to minimize site administration
  • Backing up and securing your data and files with powerful data management tools built into WordPress
  • Organizing your posts and other site content quickly and efficiently using a logical keyword tagging scheme
  • Creating custom descriptive fields to label posts and other site content in a way that makes sense to your visitors
  • Managing large collections of images, recordings and video using WordPress Media Library
  • Minimizing comment moderation tasks by implementing clear policies upfront
  • Reduce spam with a few essential tools and techniques
  • Selecting the right WordPress theme for your site’s objectives
  • Customize the look and feel of your site by using the WordPress Theme Editor and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Designing themes and template pages from scratch
  • Increasing your site’s functionality with WordPress widgets and plug-ins


  • Familiarity with HTML and CSS will allow you to get more out of this class.


Unit 1- WordPress Get Started

  • Set up a WordPress site and connect it to a database
  • Use the installer tool to install WordPress
  • Navigate the Dashboard and set default content
  • Upgrade WordPress to take advantage of expanded features

Unit 2- Working with Settings and Accounts

  • Specify WordPress settings for writing, reading, discussions, and media
  • Handle permalinks effectively and efficiently
  • Configure administrative accounts and manage user accounts

Unit 3- Setting Up a WordPress Theme

  • Overview of the default WordPress theme
  • Select a new theme and tweek it with the customizer tool
  • Customize a theme using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Create custom headers and backgrounds
  • Create and add favicon

Unit 4- Adding in Widgets and Plug-ins

  • Differentiate between widgets and plug-ins
  • Add, activate and update plug-ins
  • Learn how to use pre-built widgets

Unit 5- Working with Content and Menus

  • Add and edit pages and posts
  • Learn how to setup and use categories
  • Add tags and discover other ways to add content
  • Set up, add and edit menus

Unit 6- Media & Comments

  • Use the media library to embellish the user experience
  • Create and manage custom image galleries
  • What to understand about audio and video files
  • Enable, disable and moderate comments
  • Prevent comment spam with the Akismet tool

Unit 7- Best Practices

  • Promote organic hits with search engine optimization
  • Increase loading speed and evaluate site traffic
  • Back up your data and files
  • Set up a site map for more efficient navigation
  • Prevent comment spam with the Akismet tool


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