SharePoint Fundamentals

SharePoint Fundamentals begins with an overview of the SharePoint platform: why you would use it, common situations, real-world examples, and a brief overview of its salient features.

SharePoint Fundamentals

Versions 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365, & Online are also available.

Microsoft SharePoint Overview

SharePoint Fundamentals


SharePoint Fundamentals begins with an overview of the SharePoint platform: why you would use it, common situations, real-world examples, and a brief overview of its salient features. By the end of this Sharepoint training, you will understand the following:


  • The product family acronyms: MOSS, WSS, SPD
  • SharePoint jargon and related terms: "Collaboration Technology", "teams", "sites", "lists", and "libraries", etc.
  • How to browse around a SharePoint site
  • Lastly, What features are available in a SharePoint site

Course Outline

Efficiently access and navigate your company's SharePoint team site

  • Familiarize yourself with fundamental SharePoint team site structure
  • Learn about versions, permissions and as well as accessing a SharePoint team site
  • Navigate amongst the many helpful interface elements and features of a team site
  • Incorporate additional functionality to your site with lists, libraries, subsites and apps

Work with Documents, Content and SharePoint Libraries

  • Upload documents to libraries and collaborate with colleagues)
  • Understand the various types of libraries and how they provide different functionality
  • Integrate SharePoint with MS Office Web Apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  • Search within sites, lists and libraries using the Enterprise Keyword feature
  • Lastly, Set or trigger notification alerts when specific events take place in SharePoint

Work with SharePoint Lists

  • Comprehend the differences between various types of lists and list components
  • Create, filter and group list views based on specified criteria
  • Add and modify items in a SharePoint list

Configure your SharePoint user profile

  • Update your SharePoint user profile to store and share basic user information
  • Specify profile access information to control who can view your information
  • Learn about the three personal site hubs: Newsfeed, Skydrive, and Sites
  • Follow sites and content while tracking information on your Newsfeed
  • Lastly, Create a SharePoint Blog post and manage blog categories and comments

Integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Office Programs

  • Easily access, create and preview MS Office documents stored in SharePoint
  • Take advantage of content management features such as version control and file check in/out
  • Synchronize SharePoint libraries, calendars and lists with MS Outlook
  • Connect remotely and work offline with SharePoint

Create and configure new SharePoint Sites as a site owner

  • Differentiate between top-level sites and site collections within the SharePoint hierarchy
  • Create a new team site then configure administration and collaborative settings
  • Work with standard SharePoint site templates and learn how to duplicate a team site
  • Customize the look and feel of your SharePoint site by adding logos and custom graphics

Add SharePoint Libraries and Configure Content Structure

  • Configure document libraries in different ways to accommodate your team's working style
  • Store and catalog digital media in the Asset Library repository
  • Approve or reject library items with the Content Approval feature
  • Create and configure a Wiki Page library to benefit collaborative tasks

Add and Configure Various Types of SharePoint Lists

  • Notify your team of important news by adding an Announcement List
  • Track, update and assign team-related tasks with a Task List
  • Store contact information and track team member scheduled with a Calendar List
  • Disseminate information about team projects, expertise and experiences with a blog subsite
  • Create powerful custom lists to accommodate proprietary and calculated fields
  • Lastly, Connect your custom lists to a custom list form to ease data entry

Configure Site Settings, Navigation and Search Capabilities

  • Enable site users to search for content and files by customizing search settings
  • Adjust site settings such as regional settings and languages to accommodate your team's needs
  • Encourage productivity by configuring intuitive navigation and enabling quick launch options

Assign Permissions and Access Rights to Team Members

  • Configure site permissions to share your company SharePoint site with users
  • Control access to sensitive content or content structures by assigning unique permissions
  • Understand permission inheritance dynamics in SharePoint
  • Specify permissions for lists, libraries, folders, and documents and also secure site pages

Configure Content Roll-up, Summary Links and Site Maps

  • Add web parts to the Content Roll-up Page for easy user access across multiple SharePoint sites
  • Display dynamically-generated results based on search strings with a Content Search web part
  • Also, Add a Relevant Documents web part to display a list of documents currently being worked


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