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Dynamics 365 Human Resources Management Workshop: Create a workplace where people and business thrive

Dynamics 365 Human Resources – Empower employees to get the information they need through easy-to-use self-service HR tools and Microsoft Teams.  Automate processes to increase efficiency. Decrease operational expenses and financial complexities.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Management Workshop

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Dynamics 365 Human Resource Management in one application

You will Learn:

  • Configure the most important Dynamics 365 Human Resources  features.
  • Process Dynamics 365 Human Resource transactions.
  • Learn Dynamics 365 Human Resources  features and functionalities

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Management Workshop

Dynamics 365 Human Resources.  Learn the important features and functionalities needed by Dynamics 365 Human Resources  Management.  Product information, how to configure, create, and manage resources.  Lectures and several hands-on exercises based on a case study Each exercise will be bases on a business scenario followed by a question or discussion then a step-by-step guidance to perform the system related steps.

Human Resources home page

This topic provides a list of the help topics and other resources in Dynamics 365 Human resources.

Select a feature area to learn more about it.

Human Resources connects people and operations data to help you optimize workforce costs and take care of your employees.

Employee and Manager self service

The functionality noted in this topic is currently available for customers on the stand-alone Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Some or all of the functionality will be available as part of a future release on the Finance infrastructure after Finance release 10.0.25.

Applies to these Dynamics 365 apps:
Human Resources

This article provides an overview of the Employee and Manager self service workspace.

Edit personal details

If you need to add or change any personal information, see Edit personal information.

User not assigned to a worker record

If you haven’t linked your user to a Worker record in the Users page, the following message will display:

Your user ID is not associated with your employee record in the system. You won’t be able to view or update your information until it is. Contact your manager or support team for assistance.

To associate a user with a Worker record, navigate to Users and select the user. Select Edit, add the corresponding worker in the Person field on the page, and the select Save. You should now have access to Employee self service.

Security requirements for Employee and Manager self service

Employee and Manager self service require two security roles:

  • Employees require the Employee role.
  • Managers require both the Employee and Manager roles.

Note: You can also use custom roles to access Employee and Manager self service as long as they’ve been granted access to Employee and Manager workspaces.
Manager access to employee information is based on the current position line hierarchy defined in Human Resources.

Employee self service

The My information tab displays the following information for Employee self service.


Work items assigned to me displays all approvals and workflow items that are assigned to the employee. You can configure workflow items to send emails to the user.

Questionnaires assigned to me display all scheduled questionnaires assigned directly to the employee or group.

Company directory lets employees look up information related to individuals in the organization. Public contact information is available to all employees. The company directory is restricted to the company that the employee has signed into.

Team calendar shows your team’s calendar information. For more information, see View team and company calendars.


Is this the Right Dynamics 365 Human Resources Management Workshop for You?

The Dynamics 365 Human Resources  functional consultant is a key resource that designs and configures Human Resources apps to meet the business requirements. Analyzes business requirements and translates those requirements in a working Business Model.

Course Outline

Module 1: Human Resources Overview

  • Dynamics 365 Human Resources
  • Optimize Human Resources programs
  • Dynamics 365 Apps and Integration

Module 2: People Management

  • Deployment
  • Dynamics 365  Apps
  • Dataverse and Dynamics Apps
  • Advanced Configuration

Module 3: Compensation Management

  • Create flexible compensation plans
  • Packages and Benefits
  • Benefits management

Module 4: Leave and Absence Management

  • Capabilities
  • Tracking

Module 5: Employee and Manager Self Service

  • Employee HR Portal
  • Simplify Administration
  • Automate process and workflows

Module 6: Employee development

  • Skills Management
  • Certification Management
  • Education and Learning

Module 7: Organization and Personnel Management

  • Simplify benefits
  • Compensation,
  • Compliance programs

Module 8: Employee Transfer Management

  • Policies and Compliance
  • Relocation benefits

Module 9: Performance management

  • Make Decisions using the embedded Analytics
  • Capture employee insights with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Module 10: LinkedIn integration

  • Intergrade Talent Acquisition Systems (ATS)
  • Linked Talent Solutions

Module 11: Reporting and Analytics

  • Discover workforce insights
  • Microsoft Power BI and Dynamics 365 Human Resources
  • Dashboards & Reports

Module 10: Review


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