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6009 Adobe Illustrator Introduction


Learn to create professional-looking graphics for print or the web. You will learn the skills to be competitive in marketing, advertising or graphic & web design.


  • Basic Mac or Windows skills: copying/pasting, right-clicking (contextual menus), finding files, switching between programs, exploring windows


Unit 1- Getting Started

  • Interface
  • Workspace
  • Artboards
  • Working with Layers & Artboards
  • Layers – Visibility and Preview & Outline Modes

Unit 2- Working with Type

  • Point Type
  • Area Type
  • Path Type
  • Touch Type

Unit 3- Shape Tools and Drawing Tools

  • Line Tool
  • Working with Ellipse & Polygon Tools
  • Editing Paths
  • Pencil & Smoothing Tools
  • Pen Tool & Convert Anchor Point Tools
  • Pen Tool Icons

Unit 4- Precise Drawing

  • Precise Drawing using the Rotate Tool
  • Applying Colors and Patters
  • Combining Shapes with Pathfinder
  • Creating Compound Paths

Unit 5- Drawing Excercise

  • Drawing Excercise
  • Creating a Template File and Using Multiple Layers & Artboards

Unit 6- Symmetrical Drawing

  • Symmetrical Drawing

Unit 7- Managing Colors in Artwork

  • Managing Colors in Artwork
  • Using and Combing Shapes to Create a Logo
  • Reflecting Elements for Symmetry
  • Cutting Out a Shape from a Path
  • Applying Custom Colors
  • Reusing Shapes in Logo Variations & Editing Paths

Unit 8- Tracing Images, Live Paint and Art Brushes

  • Creating Vector Drawings with Image Trace
  • Using Image Trace Presets
  • Coloring Paths with Live Paint
  • Setting Up a Tracing Template for Black & White Illustration
  • Creating the Basic Outline Paths with the Pen Tool
  • Creating Detail Paths with the Pen Tool & Blob Brush
  • Editing Paths with the Eraser Tool
  • Adding Fine Strokes with the Pen Tool
  • Creating a Custom Art Brush
  • Applying Custom Art Brushes
  • Editing the Brush Strokes
  • Modifying Path Contour with the Width Tool
  • Modifying an Artboard
  • Applying a Pattern Brush

Unit 9- Using Symbols

  • Using the Symbol Library
  • Using the Symbol Tools
  • Replacing a Symbol
  • Editing a Symbol & Recoloring Artwork
  • Creating a Scatter Brush
  • Copying Paths to Other Layers
  • Applying and Editing A Scatter Brush
  • Using a Clipping Mask
  • Glyphs & Outlined Type as Art Elements
  • Colorizing paths with Live Paint
  • Duplicating & Recoloring Artwork
  • Creating Pattern Brushes with Corner Tiles
  • Creating an Image Pattern Brush
  • Creating Patters with Pattern Maker

Unit 10- Using 3D Effects

  • Using 3D Effects & Mapping Symbols
  • Editing Symbols
  • Editing 3D Effects
  • Extruding Shapes and Text
  • Saving a Graphic Style
  • Applying Graphic Styles
  • Adding a Style with Additional Effects
  • Graphic Style Libraries

Unit 11- Gradients and Blends

  • Using Isolation Mode & Applying Gradient Fills
  • Applying Gradient Strokes
  • Creating and Editing Blends
  • Creating and Editing a Gradient Mesh
  • Using the Gradient Mesh Tool
  • Precise Drawing with the Reflect Tool
  • Gradient Mesh Command & Transparency Settings
  • Image Tracing High Resolution Images
  • Image Trace Panel – Details

Unit 12- Masking

  • Overview of Clipping Masks
  • Aligining to Key Objects
  • Creating Clipping Masks and Using Isolation Mode
  • Overview of Opacity Masks
  • Using the Appearance Panel & Scribble Effect to Create a Mask Shape
  • Applying a Drop Shadow Effect
  • Using Opacity Masks To Create Transparency
  • Modifying an Opacity Mask
  • Type Outlines & Compound Paths
  • Applying and Importing Text
  • Creating & Applying Styles
  • Editing Styles

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