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6008 Adobe InDesign Advanced

Note: For additional questions and clarification, you may reach Bill Ramirez at bill@dynamicsedge.com or on his following contact details: Office- (510) 804-3600 & Cell- (415) 200-6969


Learn the powerful typographical and design capabilities of this industry-standard software application, so that you can create sophisticated layouts for virtually any medium, streamline your design work with InDesign’s productivity and collaboration features, and seamlessly integrate finished products with any number of graphics, Internet and digital reading applications.


  • Basic Mac or Windows skills: copying/pasting, right-clicking (contextual menus), finding files, switching between programs, exploring windows
  • InDesign Fundamentals or equivalent work experience


Unit 1- Product Data Sheets

  • Creating Tables By Converting Text
  • Importing a Table
  • Replacing RGB Swatches
  • Formatting Tables
  • Dragging Color Swatches onto Table Cells
  • The Finished Product Data Sheets

Unit 2- Travel Guide

  • Defining Styles for Table of Contents
  • Defining Styles in the Document
  • Generating a Table of Contents
  • Redefining Paragraph Styles and Applying Character Styles to the TOC
  • Updating the Table of Contents Listings
  • Creating a Cross Reference
  • Editing and Updating Cross References
  • Placing Multiple Images in a Grid
  • Editing Image Frame Corners
  • Custom Stroke Styles

Unit 3- Working with Long Documents

  • Creating a Book
  • Adding Documents to a Book File
  • Specifying Page Numbering Across the Book
  • Customizing Page Numbering
  • Creating a Running Footer
  • Defining a Text simple, virtual
  • Inserting a Text simple, virtual
  • Adding a Footnote
  • Adding a Cross-Reference
  • Synchronizing a Book
  • Generating a Table of Contents for the Book
  • Setting Up the Table of Contents
  • Flowing the Table of Contents
  • Indexing a Book
  • Viewing Index Pages
  • Generating an Index
  • Exporting a Book

Unit 4- Restaurant Menu

  • Adding Page Automatic Numbers
  • Placing Text
  • Using Find/Change to Clean Up Text
  • Creating Nested Styles
  • Adding Tab Alignment & Leader Dots
  • Cleaning Up and Applying Styles to New Text

Unit 5- Conference Name Badges

  • Creating a Label Template Background
  • Creating a Template Document
  • Placing a Background Image
  • Adding a Color Swatch
  • Adding a Text Frame with Effects
  • Smart Cursors & Smart Guides for Aligning Duplicated Objects
  • Adding Threaded Master Text Frames
  • Smart Text Reflow
  • Using an InDesign Template
  • Creating Styles That Use “Next Style” & “Keep Options”
  • Placing Text and Applying Next Style
  • Using InDesign Scripts

Unit 6- Data Merge Postcard Mailers

  • Setting Up the Source Data File & Template
  • Importing Data Records
  • Mapping Merged Fields
  • Previewing & Creating a Data Merged Document

Unit 7- Price Sheets

  • Conditional Text
  • Using GREP
  • Applying Conditions
  • Managing Sets

Unit 8- Using GREP

  • What is GREP?
  • Formatting URL Text with GREP
  • Applying Open Type Settings with GREP
  • Applying Character Styles with GREP
  • Applying Styles to Numbers with GREP

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