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60010 Adobe Illustrator Advanced

Note: For additional questions and clarification, you may reach Bill Ramirez at or on his following contact details: Office- (510) 804-3600 & Cell- (415) 200-6969


This course the techniques used to increase efficiency and productivity, You will learn to create professional illustrations and graphic designs using advanced techniques and industry best practices.


  • Basic Mac or Windows skills: copying/pasting, right-clicking (contextual menus), finding files, switching between programs, exploring windows
  • Illustrator Fundamentals or equivalent work experience


Unit 1- Illustration of Color Inked & Scanned Images

  • Drawing Basic Design Elements
  • Colorizing Elements: Lotus
  • Colorizing Elements: Water
  • Colorizing Elements: Koi
  • More Colored Elements for Detail: Fin & Eye
  • Creating Color Variations

Unit 2- Illustration of Black & White Designs

  • Creating a Black & White Drawing Utilizing Various Tools
  • Drawing the Outline & Basic Details - Pen Tool
  • Creating Geometric Shapes - Ellipse Tool
  • Drawing Free Form Shapes: Blob Brush Tool
  • Creating a New Calligraphic Brush Variation
  • Editing Shapes - Eraser Tool
  • Varying Stroke Weights - Width Tool
  • Creating and Applying an Additional Art Brush
  • Applying and Editing a Gradient
  • Adjusting Layer Order & Adding Last Details

Unit 3- Seamless Repeating Pattern Creation

  • Using Reflect, Scale and Groups to Create the Base Design
  • Using Blends to Repeat to Design Elements
  • Using Reflect, Scale and Groups to Create Another Design Element
  • Using Complex Blends to Repeat to Design Elements
  • Aligning Shapes for Tiling Patterns
  • Creating a Tiling Pattern
  • Applying & Modifying a Pattern
  • Checking Pattern Accuracy

Unit 4- Logo Design Techniques

  • Designing a Corporate Logo: Adobe Creative Cloud Logo
  • Creating a Custom Color Gradient
  • Creating the Logo Elements
  • Adding Line Segments & Aligning Paths
  • Arranging & Joining Paths

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