60001 SQL Scripting Essentials

SQL (short for "Structured Query Language") is the standard language for accessing, inputting and manipulating data in relational databases.

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SQL (short for "Structured Query Language") is the standard language for accessing, inputting and manipulating data in relational databases. With an easy-to-follow English-based syntax, SQL scripting gives you the power to access data in a wide variety of databases, including MS Access, MySQL, Postgres, etc.  You will learn the skill of writing correct and effective SQL statements that manipulate and retrieve data from your database


  • Experience with a desktop database such as Filemaker or MS Access


Unit 1- Introduction to the Structured Query Language (SQL)?

  • Relational Databases
  • Basic SQL Keywords
  • Tips for Planning Queries
  • What People Do with Queries
  • SQL Platforms

Unit 2- Data Selection

  • Using SELECT Statements to Examine Database Tables
  • Using Results to Figure Out Other Tables to Examine
  • Narrowing Your SQL Statements Down to Fields You Need
  • Sorting Records
  • Using Field Aliasing
  • Saving a SQL Statement

Unit 3- Retrieving Data From Multiple Tables

  • Inner and Outer JOINS
  • Table Aliasing
  • Self JOINS

Unit 4- Use Criteria in SQL Statements

  • Avoiding Ambigious Situations
  • Using A Single Criterion to Limit Records
  • AND/OR Situations in Criteria
  • Criteria Keywords
  • Using Comparison Criteria
  • Using Wildcards

Unit 5- Generate Totals Using SQL

  • Aggregate Keywords
  • The GROUP BY Clause
  • Using Criteria in Aggregate-based Queries

Unit 6- Generate Calculated Fields Using SQL

  • Math Calculations
  • Using SQL Keywords to Enhance the Display of Data
  • DATE Calculations
  • TEXT Calculations

Unit 7- Using UNIONS, SUBQUERIES, and More JOINS

  • Using a WHERE Clause as an INNER JOIN
  • Using UNIONS

Unit 8- Action Queries within SQL

  • Using the INSERT Keyword
  • Using the UPDATE Statements
  • Using the DELETE Keyword

Unit 9- VIEWS

  • Creating a VIEW to Simplify Data Retrieval
  • Altering a VIEW
  • Creating a VIEW to Restrict Accessbile Data
  • Inserting Data Through a VIEW
  • Delete VIEWS

Unit 10- Structure Databases using SQL

  • Understanding DATA Types
  • Creating Tables
  • Altering Tables
  • Deleting Tables

Unit 11- Working with Index

  • Creating a Single-Column Index
  • Creating a Multiple-Column Index
  • Dropping an Index

Unit 12- Working with Conditional Queries

  • Using an IF Statement
  • Using a CASE Statement

Unit 13- Developing Common Tables Expressions

  • Creating and Using Common Table Expressions (CTES)

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