PL-200 Power Platform Developer and Consultant - Dynamics Edge
Course 200222

PL-200 Power Platform Developer and Consultant

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Note: The course will serve as a replacement for course MB-200.

Who needs this class:

 People who create application enhancements, custom user experiences, system integrations, data conversions, custom process automation, and custom visualizations. Who design integrations to provide seamless integration with third party applications and services.

Course Topics:

Configure the Common Data Service

Manage an existing data model

  • assign a type for an entity including standard, activity, or virtual
  • configure entity ownership
  • create new entities or modify existing entities
  • determine which type of relationship to implement including 1: N and N: N
  • configure entity relationship behaviors including cascading rules
  • create new relationships or modify existing relationships
  • create new fields or modify existing fields
  • create alternate keys for entities
  • configure entity properties

Create and manage processes

define requirements for business rules define and implement business rule logic define the scope for business rules

  • configure and test business rules
  • configure a synchronous classic workflow

Configure Common Data Service settings

  • configure Relevance Search
  • configure auditing
  • perform data management tasks
  • configure duplicate detection settings

Configure security settings

  • create and manage business units
  • create and manage security roles
  • create and manage users and teams
  • create and manage field security profiles
  • configure hierarchy security

Create apps by using Power Apps

Create model-driven apps

  • create and configure forms
  • create and configure views
  • create and configure charts
  • create and configure dashboards
  • configure site maps
  • select applicable assets for an app including entities, forms, views, business process flows, dashboards, and charts
  • share a model-drive app

Create canvas apps

  • create a canvas app
  • configure the Common Data Service as a data source for an app
  • create canvas app screens
  • implement form navigation, formulas, variables and collections, and error handling
  • build reusable components and component libraries
  • configure offline capabilities for apps
  • run Power Automate flows based on actions that occur in a canvas app
  • interpret App Checker results and resolve identified issues
  • test, monitor, and share apps

Create portal apps

create a portal app expose Common Data Service data

configure portal web pages, forms, and navigation

 configure portal security including web roles and page access 

Create and manage Power Automate

Create flows

  • describe types of flows and flow components
  • trigger a flow by using Common Data Service connectors
  • run actions by using the Common Data Service connector
  • implement logic control
  • implement dynamic content and expressions
  • interpret and act on Flow Checker results
  • activate and deactivate flows
  • interpret flow analytic data

Create and manage business process flows

  • configure a business process flow
  • add business rules, workflows, and action steps to a business process flow
  • define stages and steps
  • configure parallel branches
  • manage the business process flow entity for a business process flow

Build UI flows

  • describe types of UI flows
  • identify use cases for UI flows
  • differentiate between attended and unattended UI flows
  • record business process tasks

Implement Power Virtual Agents chatbots

Create chatbot

  • assign a chatbot to an environment
  • publish a chatbot
  • share a chatbot
  • add chatbots to Teams and other channels
  • monitor and diagnose bot performance, usage, and topic usage

Configure topics

  • define topic conversation triggers
  • create questions, messages, and conditions

extract topics from a web page implement greetings, escalations, error messages, and statuses call a Power Automate flow to run an action

Configure entities

  • create custom entities
  • implement entities in conversations
  • implement variables to store data

Integrate Power Apps with other apps and services

Integrate Power BI with Power Apps

  • create Power BI visualizations
  • create data flows and schedule data flow runs
  • filter data
  • build reports and dashboards
  • publish and share reports and dashboards
  • add Power BI tiles to model-driven apps and canvas app
  • add canvas apps to a Power BI dashboard
  • trigger Power Automate flows from Power BI alerts

Implement AI Builder

  • determine which AI Builder model type to use
  • create an AI Builder model
  • prepare source data for use by models
  • train, test, and publish a model
  • consume a model by using Power Apps
  • consume a model by using Power Automate

Integrate Power Apps with Microsoft 365

  • add apps to Microsoft Teams
  • create a Teams app from a Power Apps app
  • configure app policies
  • create a Teams channel by using Power Automate
  • configure and use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel templates

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200222PL-200 Power Platform Developer and Consultant

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