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Microsoft Power Platform Admin Center Training in August 2020 and beyond by Dynamics Edge is a type of Power Platform Training that is very helpful in you getting a successful understanding of the new admin center for Power Platform management and administration. Before the admin center for Power Platform was really the one for PowerApps (Power Apps) at admin.powerapps.com but now the new version is admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com and it is significantly different from before. This admin center has actually been up for a while but there are a lot of folks that remain unfamiliar with admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com and could use some help. We can help you too because we know deeply about the new admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com admin center and all things Power Platform

This article, initially posted on 8-6-2020 (August 6, 2020) gives you a very initial overview of the kinds of Power Platform “new” admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com admin center training we offer in August 2020 and beyond.

First, we recommend you review the free Power Platform admin center training guide below. We feel you might need additional in depth help. For that please use this link to schedule a Power Platform Admin Center Training Course specifically on going over the new Power Platform admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com admin center.

You may also click or tap the image below to request custom Power Platform Admin Center Training with Dynamics Edge:

Here below is the free Power Platform Admin Center training guide you can review as of August 6, 2020. We strongly recommend you review it first but not rely solely on it, this free guide below is not a subsitute for professional, expert led Power Platform admin center training by Dynamics Edge.

The free training guide for Power Platform Admin Center starts here.

The Power Platform admin center (source, Microsoft docs) is a type of administration center that provides a unified source for Power Platform administrators to manage environments and settings for Power Apps, Power Automate, and model-driven apps in Dynamics 365 (such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service).

Power Platform admin center information guide.

Power Platform admin center capabilities
Currently, the Power Platform admin center provides the following capabilities.


The Environments section lets you create, manage and view all of your Power Platform environments. You would select an environment to manage environment settings and see the details of such environment.
Resources: Here you can manage and view resources.
Analytics: In this section you can acquire an in-depth understanding of key metrics related to your Power Platform apps and environments. This also is sometimes known as the Common Data Service analytics section.
Data gateways: This is how you can set up data transfer between on-premises data and cloud services.
Data policies: When you manage and create data loss prevention policies you can keep your organization’s data flowing in the right ways.
Data integration: Here is how you can integrate data into Common Data Service.

This ends the free guide.
This free guide above was based on public information available on Microsoft Docs.
Ready to go deeper?
Let’s get started. use this link to schedule a Power Platform Admin Center Training Course now and be well on your way to understanding the true Power of Power Platform! Put the “Power” in “Power Platform” and schedule a course with Dynamics Edge now!

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