Build Your Own Power Automate Training App Flow Course Workshop MB-404 40004 Dynamics Edge

Dynamics 365 Power Automate Training Course 400004 by Dynamics Edge - and also see more Power Automate Training help you redefine your modern organization. The ultimate goal is for your business to lower development cost, gain productivity and enable your organization to better serve your customers.

You are the ultimate catalyst to make your success happen! We have developed this workshop just for you to "Build Apps!"

This custom workshop is hands-on and starts with a relevant example, then lets you Build Your Own App!

Our case-based Power Automate Dynamics 365 training workshop uses the case study method to ensure maximum impact and learning. This workshop is facilitated by a professional Power App developer to give you real-time answers when your get stuck!

Ever tried searching a lot of long hours for (and even longer watching through and actually understanding) a ton of "free" Power Automate training or tutorial videos, or ever tried poring through "free" documentation all by yourself? That may be "all well and good" - until you get stuck.

We answer questions.

Start with examples and structured lab exercises, then "drop the training wheels" and start building your own App!

Our real-world examples and templates give you a great start. Our guidance is well worth the money and you also have a wealth of videos and online resources that may make more sense after the class.

Course Outline:

Lets Get Started!

Module 1: The Power App Universe


Module 2: Building a Canvas App

Canvas apps

Module 3: Building a Model App

Model-driven apps

Module 3: Building A Portal App

Dynamics Portals and Portal Power Apps

Module 4: Common Data Service

Module 5: The Power BI Service

Module 6: Extend canvas apps

Module 7: Extend model-driven apps

Module 8: Best Practices

Module 9:Power Apps Workshop

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