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Hours of Operation

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm EST. Unless otherwise noted, scheduled class times run from 10:00am to 5:00pm EST.

In Person and Live Virtual Public Class Enrollments Capacity

If your in-person class has low enrollment (or, has been filled to maximum capacity) at your selected in-person location and date, you may be offered the option of Live Virtual classroom instruction (if Live Virtual is still available for that course and that date – Live Virtual courses can be attended from anywhere you have an Internet connection, and are Live, in real time, with the instructor). If one of the following is true: if even Live Virtual has been filled for that course and that date too, or, if you do not want Live Virtual instruction as an alternative for the in-person training you originally purchased, we will offer you a full refund in these specific cases only. Other than our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (see below in Policies), this is the only other way to get a refund – if we cancel the class for some reason. To be clear, if you purchased or enrolled in an in-person class originally, you won’t be forced to accept a Live Virtual alternative just because it’s available – if that happens, and you don’t want the Live Virtual alternative, you’ll have the option of a full refund in this case. If we actually hold the class at the location you purchased, and you didn’t cancel or reschedule at least 10 days in advance of the course start date, you will not receive any refund – even if you don’t attend – so be sure you are ready to attend at the location, once you purchase an In-Person course (which will be held in the city and state you selected). If you purchased Live Virtual (which can be attended from anywhere with an Internet connection), and you do not attend (and you didn’t cancel or reschedule at least 10 days in advance of the course start date), you are still responsible for the full purchase price – we will only offer a full refund for Live Virtual if we cancel the class (or, if eligible, under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as stated below). We do not guarantee any public enrollment class to be held, you are responsible for all travel reservations and booking (or, any other costs you incur) if we cancel the in-person class or Live Virtual class – we suggest you either obtain refundable travel reservations, request Live Virtual only, or you should request an in-person location that is close to where you are right now or where you’ll be located at for at least the entire duration of the class – we have locations all over the USA – contact us for more information.

Please note – for in-person, in-classroom delivery in the USA. if we substitute a particular street address location for another street address for in-person course delivery (even if we gave you a street address initially after checkout or enrollment), as long as the in-person course is still located in the same city and state as the original in-person course you purchased from us (or, the same state, if the original enrollment was for a state without a city), then we do not have to offer you the option of a refund. It’s only if we substitute Live Virtual locations for in-person locations you originally purchased or enrolled in, that we have to offer you the option for a refund as well under this agreement. If we are able to deliver an in-person course in the same location, but different street address, the course is still considered as delivered (not cancelled), it is still a valid in-person course and you must still attend the course at the new street address. We reserve the right to amend any in-person location street address for your course, up to and until 24 hours in advance of the in-person course. If you have been announced an in-person location street address change, and it has been less than 24 hours, please let us know – you may be eligible for the option of a full refund if you were notified less than 24 hours in advance – even if the new street address for the in-person course was in the same location as you originally purchased – other than that, Dynamics Edge reserves the right to select any available in-person physical street address location for your course, whether we listed it or not on our website, and whether or not we initially (or at any time) told you a different street address first in an original enrollment confirmation or at any other time in any other way. Just as long as the actual location is still the same as what you originally bought, it is a valid in-person location, regardless of the street address. For this to be valid, any new street address locations for U.S in-person courses, must be located in the same U.S. city and state as the one you originally purchased for in-person – unless you purchased or enrolled in an in-person course that had only the state indicated on it, in which case we can pick any street address anywhere in the state to hold your in-person course.

In-Person Course Locations

For purposes of this agreement, we do not define an in-person location as a “particular full street address including the street address, city, and state.” By the way, we define a physical street address or “street address” as a full U.S. street address containing at minimum the street name, the suite name if applicable, the city name, the state name, and the zip code. That’s not what an “in-person location” is though for the purposes of this agreement. Instead, we define an in-person location loosely as the parameters of the actual location you were advertised, and for U.S. in-person locations it is always either one of two things 1) a particular state in the U.S.A that you were advertised (in which case we can pick any street address in the state if you buy it) or in almost all cases, it is 2) a particular city and state in the U.S.A you were advertised (in which case we can pick any street address that is in that city and state, if you buy it). We reserve the right to pick any street address as long as it meets the above criteria and is available and prepared for in-person, in-classroom delivery of your course. Determination of whether a street address we select, actually falls into an in-person location (either just the state, or more usually, the city and state, depending what location you purchased or enrolled in) shall be determined by the U.S. Postal Code assignment – that is, every postal code corresponds to a city and a state. So for instance, if you bought a course in Los Angeles, California, we can hold your class at any street address that the U.S. Postal Service considers as located within Los Angeles, California (based on the zip code of the full physical street address), for your in-person course. If the postal code (also known as the U.S. zip code) of a physical street address that we choose for the in-person course could be said to correspond to more than one city and/or more than one state, then all of them can be taken into consideration – if the zip code of the street address we choose to hold your class in, can be considered to be within the same city and state (or, state only, if you bought an in-person course with only the state listed on it) as the in-person location that you originally purchased, then the physical street address shall be considered a valid in-person location that matches the one you originally purchased or enrolled in, for the purposes of this agreement.

Please note that for the purposes of this agreement a U.S. location for a course date must consist of a U.S. City and a U.S. State – or at minimum, a U.S. state. You shall assume the start time on the date of class (and any subsequent days, depending on the number of days listed for the class duration) to be 10:00 AM Eastern Time and the end time to be 5:00 PM Eastern Time unless otherwise specified.

In-Person U.S. Course Locations Must Include either a U.S. State by itself, or, a U.S. City followed by a comma, a space, then a U.S. State

If you buy any in-person (i.e. non Live Virtual) course for any date that does not include at least the correctly spelled, accurate name of a U.S. State (by itself without anything else on it, e.g. ‘California’ would be a valid state), you hereby agree that the purchase is still valid at the price that you paid for it as if you had purchased *any next available location at the selected date for that course*, so therefore we may select any next available in-person location anywhere at any physical address in the U.S.A, or even ‘Live Virtual,’ for the course that you purchased if the location name for the course date does not contain the accurate, correctly spelled name of a U.S. State. If we refund you in this case, it is at our sole discretion – you agree that in this case, we will not be obligated to refund you for the course if you buy or enroll for this course under these circumstances, because these purchases are considered as if you had purchased our training course at *any location* for the selected date in these circumstances. For example, if you purchase a course that contains only the name of the City in it, e.g. “San Jose” as opposed to “San Jose, California” then this purchase would be considered as if you had purchased *any next available location at the selected date for that course* – only a purchase for “San Jose, California” requires us to hold your course at a physical in-person location that is specifically in the city of San Jose that is located in the State of California, USA. Suppose there is a course offered at the literal location of “ABC, DEF” – Neither ABC nor DEF corresponds exactly to any known U.S. State – if you purchase that course, we can pick any location (including Live Virtual) – to fulfill your course delivery on that date. Whereas if you bought something that said the location listed as something like “ABC, California” – California does correspond to a known U.S. State, but “ABC” is not a city in California – so we can pick any physical address in California to deliver your in-person course for “ABC, California” in this case.

If any location contains more than one U.S. state in it – for example, if you buy a course that says ‘California, Minnesota” and if you purchase that course, we can pick any physical address located in either of the two states – California or Minnesota in this case – to fulfill your in-person course delivery on that date for that location.

Suppose that the location contains a U.S. state – note that if something in addition to a U.S. State, but other than a U.S. city, was advertised to you as available, such as the name of a county, region, landmark, neighborhood, street name, or any other element that is not a U.S. city, in this case, for this agreement, the parameters of the location will be considered the state only. So for example, if you buy an “Orange County, California” course, Orange County is not a U.S. city – it is a U.S. region – so in this case we may select any physical street address in the entire state of California to hold your course. Although we might want to be nice, and we’ll try to pick a physical street address in the region of Orange County, California, for the purposes of this agreement, if you buy a course like that, our only obligation is to pick any in-person physical location in the state of California, not necessarily in the region of Orange County.

The U.S State must not come before the city in the name of the location. However if somehow you bought something where the U.S. State was listed before the city, e.g. “California, San Jose” – we’ll consider it as if it were “San Jose, California” unless the order can correspond to a possible U.S. city, U.S. state combination – in which case we’ll use it exactly as you bought it. In other words, if California was a city in the state of San Jose, then we’ll deliver the course there – since that’s not the case, then we’ll consider it as it if the location were “San Jose, California” instead in this case.

In-Person Location Schedule

Our U.S. in person courses are usually scheduled to be held across all of our locations on the same dates as our Live Virtual courses. As we near the course delivery date, some in-person locations may no longer be available as they have been assigned to classes. Rather than cancel a class, we try to offer students the choice of attending one of the following:

  • One of our alternate physical street address in-person locations, for the same date, course and location – if the physical street address’s location matches the one you originally purchased (matching location is to be determined as described in these policies), and we notify you at least 24 hours in advance of the new physical street address, it’s not considered a cancellation, and its not eligible for a refund for reasons of in-person course cancellation or location change – it’s still a valid in-person course in this case, whether you attend the course or not.
  • We may offer you a different date for the same location, and you may choose to attend that course instead – but if we change the date (even if it’s the same location), it is considered as if we cancelled the in-person class – you should always also be offered an option to refuse to attend the different date and instead receive a full refund, if we offer you this option.
  • We may have an in-person location  “close to” the one you originally purchased, on the same date, for the same course, and you may opt to choose to attend the new location – however, this is considered as if we cancelled the in-person class – you should always also be offered an option to choose a full refund instead as well, if we offer you this option.
  • We may have a Live Virtual option for the same course and date. However, this is considered as if we cancelled the in-person class – you should always also be offered an option to choose a full refund instead as well, if we offer you this option.

Live Virtual Training

Live Virtual Classroom students are Live, in the class, with the instructor, and Live Virtual training courses can be attended from anywhere you have an Internet connection and a computer that meets the requirements. Live Virtual students receive the same courseware materials and participate in the same labs and exercises, and the actual course itself is the same course as the one that would be offered in-person, in the classroom. The only difference is that you are not physically located in the same place as the Instructor (and we do understand that this difference could be very important in some cases – that’s why our Live Virtual training and In-Person training are considered as two different types of training for the purposes of this agreement).

During Live Virtual training, students can at all times see the instructor’s computer screen. Individuals are always able ask questions and participate in class discussions (we recommend you to have a  mic/headset to listen to and ask questions to the instructor if you attend one of our Live Virtual courses).

If we cancel any class at any date (Live Virtual or In Person) for any reason, and cannot give you a “matching location” as described in this agreement, you will always have the option of either an alternative course (as described above), OR the option to receive a full refund of the purchase price. However, in all cases, Dynamics Edge will never be responsible for any other costs you incurred yourself (travel, booking, hotel, etc.).

If you purchased a Live Virtual course, we do not ordinarily substitute a Live Virtual Training course for an In-Person training course. In the event that we do so, that is considered as changing the course location – if that ever happens, you should always be offered the option of a full refund instead to choose from as well.

The only other way to receive a refund for a course, other than the above, is stated in our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee below.


Within 24 hours of registering for a course, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation notice, contact us at 1-800-453-5961 to ensure that we have processed your registration.


Cancellation/reschedule requests made less than ten (10) calendar days before the class start date and students who do not attend class will be subject to the full course fee. Dynamics Edge reserves the right to cancel a training class due to insufficient enrollment, inclement weather, and/or events outside the company’s control. In the event a class is cancelled, we will notify you as soon as possible. Class cancellations due to low enrollment are generally announced ten (10) days before the class start date, however, Dynamics Edge reserves the right to cancel a class due to events beyond our control up to and including the day of the class. You may choose to: A.) Receive a full refund of your registration fees or B.) Put the credit towards another class. Dynamics Edge will not be responsible for any cancellation costs you incur (e.g. airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc.)

SATV Eligibility and Cancellation Policy (Microsoft Software Assurance Training Voucher)

SATV Eligibility

SATV eligibility changes frequently and varies based on a set of criteria that changes often. Any courses that are claimed to be SATV eligible are subject to manual review on a case-by-case basis – if any course is found upon manual review to not be SATV eligible for any reason, then SATV vouchers cannot be applied to the course.

SATV Cancellation Policy

As per Microsoft SATV program rules, students canceling/rescheduling within 14 calendar days of the class will have their SATV voucher released. You will, however, be invoiced for the full retail price of the class.

Travel Arrangements

Travel arrangements and costs are the sole responsibility of the attendee. If you are booking travel, it is advisable that you obtain refundable reservations.

Audit/Retake Policy

Audit is defined to be the same thing as ‘retake’ in this agreement. Students who attend a Public Virtual Instructor Led Training course (also known as a ‘Live Virtual’ course) may audit (i.e. retake) the same previously attended public course within 6 months and paid for at no additional charge on a space available basis for as long as that class is offered. If the courseware or Labs have been updated, there may be a fee required for the updated courseware that must be paid prior to auditing the course and this fee will be always non-refundable. Only Public Enrollment Virtual Instructor Led Training (a.k.a Live Virtual Training) is eligible for audit or retake – all Public Instructor Led Courses at physical in-person locations are not eligible for audit or retake at any time. All private or custom training courses, even if they are held at the ‘Live Virtual’ location, are also excluded and are never eligible for audit or retake.


Customers are required to pay the full amount of the invoice on or before the due date of the invoice. Unpaid invoices shall accrue interest each month at a rate equal to one and one-half percent (1.5%) of the unpaid amount. The prevailing party in any litigation between the parties related to or arising out of this Agreement shall recover its reasonable attorney’s fees and costs from the non-prevailing party. This Agreement shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California without giving effect to the conflict-of-laws principles thereof. The respective federal and state courts for Santa Clara County, California, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any action brought to enforce the rights and obligations contained in this Agreement.

Classroom Rentals

Damages to classrooms, equipment, etc.: Lessee assumes responsibility of classroom equipment and furnishings’, including desks, chairs, computers, monitors, etc. and agrees to provide reasonable care when occupying the classroom/using the aforementioned equipment. Set up and clean up fees may be assessed depending on the condition of the room when vacating the premises. Physical damage to classroom furniture and equipment will be assessed at current market replacement value.

Shopping Cart / Checkout

By using our Checkout Form, you certify that you are providing accurate information, and that you are authorized to use that information for billing purposes. By submitting the Checkout Form, you authorize us to instantly charge you on the payment info you have submitted to fulfill your order. If the payment information provided is found to be declined, invalid, or is found later to have been unauthorized by the true account holder of the payment information provided, we reserve the right to cancel your order. You also agree to have your billing and payment information submitted and retained for an indefinite period of time for the purposes of easily issuing refunds if and when necessary, and for other convenience purposes.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Dynamics Edge offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our public enrollment Virtual Instructor Led Training (public VILT) courses. These are our Open Enrollment courses with location ‘Live Virtual’ assigned to them. We also extend this guarantee to some of our public enrollment Instructor Led Training (public ILT) courses, otherwise known as “in-person open enrollment courses,” but only those public ILT courses that were held at our physical locations in San Jose, California, USA only (to be clear, that means our locations in the city of San Jose in the state of California, USA only) – all other public ILT courses held at any other physical locations other than San Jose, California, USA, are not eligible for this 100% satisfaction guarantee. For example, an in-person public ILT course held in “Los Angeles, California” is not being held in the same location as an in-person public ILT course being held “San Jose, California” so the “Los Angeles, California” public ILT class would not be eligible for the guarantee in this case. If you fully attended any eligible public VILT or public ILT course you purchased from us and are not satisfied for any reason, by “the end of the first day of class,” we will offer you a full refund at your request. In order for us to be able to cover you under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we must receive your refund request before “the end of the first day of class” which we define to be by 11:59PM U.S. Eastern Time at the end of the first day of your scheduled course. Also, you must be no more than 15 minutes late to the first day of your scheduled course and you must attend the course in its entirety on the first day. Any full absence on the first day of class, or any partial absence of more than 30 minutes on the first day of class, taken cumulatively and including time being late to the course, will not be covered under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If your absence was on a Live Virtual course and was primarily due to technical difficulties, we might review whether your specific incidence is covered, on a case-by-case basis, and it will be at our sole determination if your situation is covered under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This Guarantee covers only public open enrollment Virtual Instructor Led (public VILT) also known as “Open Enrollment Live Virtual Training,” and any public enrollment Instructor Led (public ILT) courses, otherwise known as “In-Person Open Enrollment Instructor Led Training” as long as the public ILT course was held in any of our locations in San Jose, California, USA only. Any refund requests for all other Dynamics Edge products and services (e.g. public open enrollment instructor led training courses a.k.a public ILT, that were held at a physical location other than the ones we have in San Jose, California, USA; consulting; private VILT a.k.a Private Live Virtual Course or Custom Live Virtual Course; private ILT a.k.a Custom On-Site Course or Private On-Site Course; MOC-on-demand; all custom self paced courses, all custom training courses; all licensing, custom support, and custom solution implementation; etc.) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Open Enrollment In Person Courses in the USA

For public open enrollment in-person courses (otherwise known as public instructor led training or public ILT) in cities and states located in the USA, the course will be held at any physical street address location within that advertised city and state, at Dynamics Edge’s discretion, including any of our street address locations in that city and state, whether the addresses are listed on our website or not. Any particular street address listed on this website for a city and state (if any), is not guaranteed to be the actual physical street address location of your actual in-person course. If a physical street address is not listed on our website for a particular city and state, that does not mean we do not have a location in that city and state. If the city and state, as well as a date, are listed for a particular course, and enabled for instant purchase (Add to Cart) or registration, it actually means we do have at least one physical street address location in that city and state that is prepared for in-person course delivery, whether listed on our website or not. We are regularly adding new locations very often to meet our high enrollment demands. Any of our physical locations (at any street address at our discretion) may be selected for your in-person course, as long as the location is still within the same city and state as the one you actually purchased or registered for, and any final street address information for your in-person course is given after you complete checkout and/or course enrollment. If you requested a course only within the perimeter of an entire state (without a city) we may select any street address within the state to hold your course. Also note than only public ILT courses in San Jose, California, USA are subject to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, all other public ILT locations are at our discretion whether we will refund you or not on a case by case basis.

Open Enrollment In Person Courses outside of the USA

You will need to contact Dynamics Edge for more information if you want in-person courses outside of the USA, and these courses will not be covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. ‘Live Virtual’ courses can be attended from anywhere in the world, including outside the U.S.A. However, please note that you should assume all course dates other than Live Virtual are for a U.S. physical in-person location only unless otherwise specified when you select the date – we currently do not usually offer any in-person public enrollment courses at physical locations outside of the U.S.A. If you are located outside of the U.S.A, we recommend you to enroll in our Live Virtual courses that can be attended from anywhere in the world if you have an Internet connection and a computer that meets the minimum requirements. If you need in person courses outside the U.S.A. you need to contact us to discuss setting up a private on-site course just for you at a physical location outside of the U.S.A. If you found any public enrollment course that is claimed to be somewhere outside of the U.S.A that was listed for any reason, and there was no other accompanying notification explicitly stating that we offer the course date/location “outside the U.S.” – then if you purchase this course or enroll and pay for this course, it will be considered as if you decided to pay for *any location* (including Live Virtual) and it will be treated as outlined elsewhere in these Policies – if you have any questions about international in-person courses outside the U.S.A, please do contact us first.