Office 365 Training Courses August 2018. Learn now how to use Office 365 with Dynamics Edge Training, this is starting from the beginner basics to the more advanced techniques with Office 365 Training by Dynamics Edge.

Microsoft Office 365 Training August 2018 Dynamics Edge

Microsoft Office 365 Training August 2018 Dynamics Edge

In August 2018 and anytime, there are tons of live virtual Office 365 Training in real time, with-the-instructor training (on-site and in person options in San Jose and many other locations also available). Our Office 365 courses are taught by industry professionals and Microsoft certified instructors. Get Office 365 education from Dynamics Edge and enroll in one of our Office 365 training courses today to improve your enterprise skills and boost your Office 365 career. We also have complete Office 365 practice and hands-on experience packages for Office 365 Power Users as well!

Office 365 Power User Training

Course 55215 (known as 55215A sometimes) teaches you Office 365 Power User Training. This course delivers the complete Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint site owner story, and tells this story in practical, engaging, and immersive ways. This Office 365 Training Story is related to creation, management, planning or deployment of SharePoint Online sites. Your true goal is to learn with this course how to make SharePoint online useful for your enterprise by sharing information and collaborating with colleagues using SharePoint and Office 365 functionality. During the class you will also learn best practices and 'what to do' and 'what not to do,' and to achieve this you use hands on exercises and labs in SharePoint Online as well as Office 365, and check how they work together.

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