Ever wonder what is the difference between Office 365 k1 vs e1 or other licensing questions like that? Dynamics Edge can help you with this question and more. We'll give you an overview in this article, but this is just a general overview you really should call us at (800) 453-5961 to get a clearer idea. We are not responsible for accuracy of this article, use this article just for a generic overview - Microsoft changes licensing policies often - call us for more detailed info with your specific requirements.

Office 365 Banker Productivity and Collaboration Training Dynamics Edge

Office 365 Banker Productivity and Collaboration Training and Licensing call (800) 453-5961 for more info - Dynamics Edge

We also can help you with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Sales and more. We have a full suite of Microsoft Banker Productivity and Collaboration training solutions, software solutions, licensing solutions, and more. Here's an overview of what we offer with our Office 365 training licensing and consulting by Dynamics Edge. With Dynamics Edge you can learn how to improve task and schedule management. Modern Microsoft tools help you improve how you update, create, associate, and manage tasks as well as schedules. You can access on-boarding and training resources that permit you to implement best practices across your entire enterprise while boosting banker or employee morale and engagement flow. Secure access and identity management through managing employee access and digital identities. Make sure your bank staff always has the most accurate information needed to make decisions while ensuring the integrity and security of your data. Boost communication flow by cultivating innovative connections across your enterprises. Enable all your associates to share successes in sales, operations or elsewhere to provide global insights on your current performance.

Here's some more introductory info on Office 365 K1 vs E1 licensing, but please contact us for a more in depth assessment and to help you and your enterprise more with this because Office 365 Licensing is complex.

Online Office
Edit or create Excel, OneNote, Word, or PowerPoint files online. K1 and E1 both have this.

Calendars and Email
Utilize enterprise grade email via familiar and rich Outlook experiences. You can access these UX experiences from your web browser (OWA) or desktop.
The login for OWA is usually or - or contact us for more help. Both the K1 and E1 plan has this available.

Online SharePoint
Online SharePoint sites access, which helps you to get news and updates.

Both the K1 and E1 plan have SharePoint online.

File Sharing and Storage is only available in the E1 plan, not the K1 plan, when comparing E1 and K1 side by side.
In this module you get OneDrive for Business included, which gives your enterprise users their own personal storage in the Microsoft cloud that can be accessed
from anywhere on the internet, or granular access only to specific people in the organization.
You can also share documents easily with others outside as well as inside your own enterprise or organization and also have very granular control related to who can edit or access each file, such as read only access, no access, and so on. When looking for Microsoft Office 365 k1 vs e1, know that only the E1 plan comes with Microsoft OneDrive for Business, consider this along with many factors when choosing the right Office 365 Volume Licensing plan for you.

When comparing Office 365 E1 vs K1, only the E1 plan, not the K1 plan, comes with Online Meetings, Video Calls, Instant Messaging (Skype for Business).
Your enterprise users can make connections with Skype for Business folks within the entire enterprise social network.
People can communicate via video, instant message, voice calls, and more such as online meetings and so on. Share your own presence (presence means are you Offline, Online, Busy, In a Meeting, Away? - > and so on) with other users. You get to instant message people, video and audio call a person, have audio or video conference with multiple people, and more with Office 365 Skype for Business.

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