Office 365 and Office Training Packages

Office 365 and Office SATV Eligible Training Courses

20347Enabling and Managing Office 365Multiple DatesMultiple Locations5 days
10997Office 365 Administration and TroubleshootingMultiple DatesMultiple Locations3 days

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2012012MS-201T02 Managing Messaging Security, Hygiene, and Compliance1 day
2012011MS-201T01 Defining a Hybrid Messaging Strategy1 day
1001001MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security4 days
903000Microsoft Office 365 Concentrated Overview1 day
900900MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals1 day
900001MS-900T01 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals1 day
500504MS-500T04 Administering Microsoft 365 Built-in Compliance1 day
500503MS-500T03 Implementing Microsoft 365 Information Protection1 day
500502MS-500T02 Implementing Microsoft 365 Threat Protection1 day
500501MS-500T01 Managing Microsoft 365 Identity and Access1 day
500500MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administrator4 days
365365Webinar - Power BI1 day
301304MS-301T04 Migrating to SharePoint Online1 day
301303MS-301T03 Implementing SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios1 day
301302MS-301T02 Implementing SharePoint 2019 Service Applications1 day
301301MS-301T01 Implementing SharePoint 2019 Infrastructure1 day
300304MS-300T04 Enabling Office 365 Workloads for Collaboration1 day
300303MS-300T03 Enabling Microsoft Teams for Collaboration1 day
300302MS-300T02 Managing SharePoint Online1 day
300301MS-300T01 Managing Office 365 Content Services1 day
300300MS-300 Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork training6 days
200203MS-200T03 Managing Messaging High Availability and Disaster Recovery1 day
200202MS-200T02 Managing Client Access and Mail Flow1 day
200201MS-200T01 Understanding the Modern Messaging Infrastructure1 day
100100MS-100 Office 365 Authentication and Identity Management5 days
100034Microsoft Teams 1 hour Webinar1 day
100030SharePoint 2016 Introduction1 day
100029Office 365: Key Features1 day
100028Delve1 day
100027Sway1 day
100025Yammer1 day
100024Microsoft Teams1 day
100023Microsoft Office 365 - 2016 New Features1 day
100022SharePoint 2016 Intermediate1 day
100018Access 2016 Advanced2 days
100017Project 2013/2016 Intermediate1 day
100016Project 2013/2016 Introduction1 day
100015Excel PowerPivot 20161 day
100014Word 2016 Advanced1 day
100013Word 2016 Intermediate1 day
100012Word 2016 Introduction1 day
100011VBA 2016 Excel1 day
100010PowerPoint 2016 Intermediate1 day
100009PowerPoint 2016 Introduction1 day
100008Outlook 2016 Intermediate1 day
100007Outlook 2016 Introduction1 day
100006OneNote 20161 day
100005Excel 2016 Advanced1 day
100004Excel 2016 Intermediate1 day
100003Excel 2016 Introduction1 day
100002Access 2016 Intermediate2 days
100001Access 2016 Introduction2 days
91122Sharepoint Designer 20131 day
91116Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps And Collaboration For Office 20131 day
91114Visio 2013 Introduction1 day
91113Publisher 20131 day
91112OneNote 20131 day
91111Project 2013 Intermediate1 day
91110Project 2013 Introduction1 day
91109Sharepoint Foundation 2013: Site Administrator1 day
91108Sharepoint Foundation 2013 Site Owner1 day
91107Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2013 Site User1 day
91044Outlook 2013 - Level 21 day
91043Outlook 2013 - Level 11 day
91034PowerPoint 2013 - Level 21 day
91033PowerPoint 2013 - Level 11 day
91026Word 2013 - Level 31 day
91025Word 2013 - Level 21 day
91024Word 2013 - Level 11 day
91016Excel 2013 - Level 31 day
91015Excel 2013- Level 21 day
91014Excel 2013 - Level 11 day
91006Access 2013 - Level 31 day
91005Access 2013 - Level 21 day
91004Access 2013 - Level 11 day
55154Office 365 for the End User1 day
20347Enabling and Managing Office 3655 days
20334Core Solutions of Microsoft Skype for Business 2015/20195 days
10997Office 365 Administration and Troubleshooting3 days
10001MS-100T01 Office 365 Management Exam MS-1002 days
9901Office 365 Key Concepts1 day

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