Here is an overview of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October 2018 release update.

As you might already know, Microsoft originally revealed their plans for the new upcoming Dynamics 365 October 2018 Release at the conference called the 2-day Business Applications Summit in Seattle, Washington, USA. This summit first started on the 23rd of July. The newest October update of Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes more than one hundred brand new updates to the core Dynamics product line, and this corresponds to our own October 2018 Dynamics 365 Training updates.

New Capabilities and services will become available very soon.
Microsoft is now introducing new mixed reality experiences via Microsoft Layout and Microsoft Remote Assist.
For instance, brand new and intelligent applications could have decades of AI work behind it started by Microsoft Research. All of this is to make Microsoft Dynamics 365 much more intelligent and able to learn on its own as much as possible. The new custom Dynamics 365 AI for Sales app training modules, which we also support, all correspond with the new Dynamics 365 AI for Sales App release. This brand new Microsoft Sales app is actually meant to help your teams use integrated technologies like warnings about deals at risk and like knowing how to implement call sentiment analysis with Microsoft technologies in order to take responsive, proactive, and quick business decision. The app will soon be in public preview in October 2018. This will empower you to enhance your sales planning and performance.

All of the new custom Microsoft Power Platform Training modules we offer also give you the know-how to customize, integrate and extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as Microsoft Office 365 into your own enterprise environment. You can do this by combining Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Microsoft Power BI with the Microsoft Common Data Service for Apps. Our new training modules show you how to use these new intelligence capabilities and data insights from thousands of business systems which have connectivity built right in to the platform and already very closely integrated with the most common business applications that people like yourself use every on a daily basis.

The October 2018 updates also foretell a deeper integration with other Microsoft products, offering seamless, rich experiences with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Windows Azure, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft SharePoint and more. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been further enhanced with signal integrations from Microsoft Bing and Office 365. So with all this the usability and performance enhancements are designed to improve both the underlying core platform and the applications themselves. All of this improvement helps you more efficiently manage your enterprise, and you should call Dynamics Edge right now or click here right now then fill out and submit the request form to schedule a custom training to find out what all of these October 2018 Microsoft technology updates can do for you!

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