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About this course

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55204 Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS Level 1 (2 days) Monday/Tuesday (Use this link to access Course 55204)
55170 Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS Level 2 (2 days) Wednesday/Thursday (Use this link to access Course 55170)
55240 Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS Level 3 (1 day) Friday

In this 1-day course, students will continue their learning on report writing with Microsoft® SQL Server® Report Designer and SSRS. The focus of this course is enhancing custom report visualizations and the use of Visual Basic programming in SSRS reporting. Supporting Visual Basic programming in reports is a normal requirement in today’s reporting landscape and this course presents the information you will need through the course content, group discussions, worksheets, practices, demonstrations, and lab activities. Report Designer is available for all supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

The primary audience for this course are persons experienced with Report Designer and SSRS. The secondary audience for this course are experienced Report Designer (SSRS) report authors. Course participants may be business analysts, programmer analysts, data analysts, database administrators, or IT professionals.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Course Outline

Module 1: Creating Enhanced Visualizations

This module introduces report formatting techniques which create enhanced visualizations using shapes, rectangles, images, and data regions. To support customized and enhanced reporting visualizations, this course requires a review of specific properties which support the control of displayed items in a report.


Lab: Creating Enhanced Visualizations

Module 2: Visual Basic

This module introduces the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language. The goal of this module is to make the programming language and its use meaningful to non-programmers. This module uses the course handbook, group discussions, worksheets, and reviews to not only introduce Visual Basic programming, but to also to understand what the code is doing.


Lab : Working with Visual Basic

Module 3: Using Visual Basic in SSRS Reporting

Report writers can take advantage of the Visual Basic language in three different ways in the Report Designer application. Whether the Visual Basic programming language was incorporated by design or inherited through existing reports, report writers need to be aware of how the features can be applied to achieve the reporting goal. Visual Basic is the required language for Report Designer.


Lab : Using Visual Basic in Reports


This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites:

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