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Choose Dynamics Edge MOC 55035 valuable SharePoint training course in order to get the highest quality training. There are options for a custom class.

This two day class is designed for information workers or power users who serve as SharePoint Site Owners or Site Collection Administrators. Students should take this course if they need to know how to manage the team collaboration, document management and social features of Microsoft SharePoint 2013. This class is an excellent prerequisite for IT Professionals who work as SharePoint Server Administrators attending 20331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. This class can be delivered using Site Collections on an in-house server, virtual machines or Office 365.

Who Should Attend

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Course Outline

Module 1: The Role of the Site Owner

This module provides an introduction to the topics covered in the class, introduces SharePoint terminology and gets a start in navigation.


Module 2: Users, Groups and Permissions

This module covers the management of SharePoint users and user security.


Module 3: Site and Site Collection Features

This module covers the use of SharePoint Features to add and remove functionality.


Module 4: Managing Sites and Pages

This module covers the creation and management of SharePoint sites and pages.


Module 5: Working with Lists and Libraries

This module covers the use of SharePoint lists and libraries.


Module 6: Document Management

This module explorers the document management features of libraries.


Module 7: SharePoint Workflows

This module provides an overview of the SharePoint 2013 workflow features.


Module 8: Monitoring SharePoint Activity

This module covers the use of SharePoint activity reports.


Module 9: SharePoint Apps (Optional)

This module provides explores SharePoint 2013 Apps.


Module 10: The SharePoint Community Site (Optional)

This module covers the use of the SharePoint 2013 Community Site.



Lab: Users, Groups and Permissions
Lab: Site and Site Collection Features
Lab: Managing Sites and Pages
Lab: Working with Lists and Libraries
Lab: Document Management
Lab: SharePoint Workflows
Lab: SharePoint Apps
Lab: The SharePoint Community Site

What You'll Learn

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