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California Microsoft 40535 Azure Training -> Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Serverless Architecture

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Setup and configure a serverless architecture within Azure using a combination of Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Event Grid, Cosmos DB, and Azure Storage. The focus is on removing server management from the equation, breaking down the solution into smaller components that are individually scalable, and allowing the customer to only pay for what they use.

Audience profile:

This workshop is intended for Cloud Architects and IT professionals who have architectural expertise of infrastructure and solutions design in cloud technologies and want to learn more about Azure and Azure services as described in the ‘About this Course’ and ‘At Course Completion’ areas. Those attending this workshop should also be experienced in other non-Microsoft cloud technologies, meet the course prerequisites, and want to cross-train on Azure.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Use a series of Azure Functions that independently scale and break down business logic into discrete components.
  • Use computer vision algorithms within an Azure Function to accurately detect license plates in car images at scale.
  • Provision and use Cosmos DB as a highly available NoSQL data store for processed data.
  • Create a Logic App that contains a workflow to export processed license plates and conditionally send alerts based on successful or unsuccessful operation.
  • Use App Insights to monitor the serverless topology, observing how well the solution scales when under load.
  • Implement a Continuous Deployment DevOps process to automatically publish changes to Function Apps.
  • Module 1: Whiteboard Design Session - Serverless Architecture


    Module 2: Hands-On lab - Serverless Architecture



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