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The main purpose of the course is to give students the ability to add BI techniques to Excel data analysis. The course goes beyond the capabilities of tables and charts and uses Pivot Charts, the Excel Data Model, and Power BI.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for students who are experienced with analyzing data with Excel and who wish to add BI techniques. The course will likely be attended by SQL Server report creators who are interested in alternative methods of presenting data.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Module 1: Data Analysis in Excel

This module looks at the classic Excel dashboard and at ways to extend it.


Lab : Building a Classic Excel Dashboard

Module 2: The Excel Data Model.

This module looks at the classic Excel data model and at ways to extend it.


Lab Explore an Excel Data Model

Module 3: Importing Data from Files

This module looks at pre-formatting and importing CSV files.


Lab : Importing Data from a CSV File

Module 4: Importing Data from Databases

This module looks at how to import data into Excel from a SQL Server database.


Lab : Import Data from Multiple Sources

Module 5: Importing Data from Excel Reports

This module describes how to import data from a report.


Lab : Importing Data from a Report

Module 6: Creating and Formatting Measures

This module describes how to create and format measures.


Lab : Creating Measures using Advanced DAX Functions

Module 7: Visualizing Data in Excel

This module describes how to visualize data in Excel.


Lab : Data Visualization in Excel

Module 8: Using Excel with Power BI

This module describes how to use Excel with Power BI.


Lab : Creating a Power BI Dashboard with Excel


Before attending this course, students must have:

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