You might think PowerNBA stands for "Power National Basketball Association" but that's not it. PowerNBA is "Next Best Action."

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Custom Microsoft PowerNBA Training for Power BI Dynamics 365 Dynamics Edge

What is the Microsoft Next Best Action solution anyway? Well, the Microsoft Next Best Action solution empowers you to showcase personalized and custom tailored banking dashboard experiences and unified experiences to customers, employees, managers and more. This BI or Business Intelligence solution utilized big data related to banking, as well as ML (machine learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms and functionality. This way you may be able to discover more about your customers' specific preferences and tailor your offers or proposals to be much more relevant to what your customers need and want.

You can use this info to predict or forecast your banking customers' variable needs to prepare and showcase tailored offers and proposals. All over the world, banks are improving loyalty and wallet share in their enterprise.

Other benefits of Dynamics Edge Custom Power BI PowerNBA Training is that it helps you:

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