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For analytics (Power BI), interactive apps (PowerApps) and business process automation (Flow), the way enterprises get stuff done these days has significantly changed as compared to the past. Even just a few years ago is a totally different landscape from right now. All of the apps we use to do enterprise-level business solutions have been somewhat slow to keep pace with employee demand and new productivity. We accomplish amazing things on a daily basis on all kinds of devices - our laptops, our tablets, our mobile phones, and more - in every place we go! Whether we need an enterprise problem solved at our customer meetings, in airplanes, on manufacturing floors, at trade shows booths, at the front desk, and everywhere - sometimes off-the-shelf solutions just can't solve every problem these days, and at the same time, custom solution development has often been too time consuming and expensive.

CDS or Common Data Service, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps are designed to help non-coders to develop at the level of custom solutions (or even better sometimes), at a much faster pace. These technologies give people who best understand their own challenges and needs the power and the opportunity to quickly address it themselves, without as much complexity and cost of custom software development as well as time.

There is one caveat. Even these technologies assume you know the ways to use these in order to substitute for custom development to meet your business needs. Often times, in the quest to substitute for complex, custom development or consulting with PowerApps, Power BI, Flow and Common Data Service, enterprises still end up often turning to consultants or "custom development" help for the supposed technologies like PowerApps, Power BI, and Flow that were designed for you to "do it yourself." Note that depending on your needs, a custom solution with a great consultant using PowerApps, Power BI, Flow, Common Data Service, Dynamics 365 and other great technologies integrated together, can still be faster and less time consuming, and more cost effective, than using some other technology. However, if you are in doubt, contact Dynamics Edge right away, we offer Power BI, PowerApps, Flow, and Common Data Service consulting. We also offer custom PowerApps and Flow Training so you might even be able to learn how to do it yourself directly from us!

In the case that you are an enterprise expert or data analytics and management specialist, you may want to quickly automate workflows, create apps and integrations, and much more in order to solve real-world enterprise needs and expectations. For this, Dynamics Edge has got the Flow and PowerApps training for you (as well as Power BI and more)! Our courses help you improve business processes throughout your enterprise by learning how to create apps that solve specific business needs for non-developers without writing manual code, debugging with an IDE or editor in a traditional programming language, or struggling heavily with integration issues using raw manual code. Instead, you can learn how to concentrate on your enterprise and data processes, while leveraging the innate capabilities of Flow, PowerApps and Common Data Service in order to deliver quality solutions that works cross-device, across browsers, tablets and mobile phones! So contact Dynamics Edge today to see what we can do for you!

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