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Microsoft PowerApps Flow Stored Procedure Training SQL Dynamics Edge

Here is one reason you may need custom Microsoft PowerApps and Flow Training from Dynamics Edge. Let's suppose this scenario.
Let's say you need Microsoft PowerApps Flow Training because you had trouble passing parameters to Flow for executing a particular SQL server stored procedure. You may run into an issue with how Flow passes these parameters. You might think that this stored procedure takes in quite a few parameters (about 17 to twenty of them, all varchar value types of different sizes in this example). You might have tested the Stored Procedure a lot yourself outside of Flow with manual test case scenarios and have confirmed that it works correctly there. However, when looking at the issues generated you may notice that similar values which have been passed to Microsoft Flow are used distinctly in the different manual test case scenarios outside of Flow and even those work OK. The issues become obvious elsewhere. For instance you might get a Code 400 issue (otherwise known as a Bad Request) indicating that your SQL statements could be invalid. This might indicate that the parameter values are not being passed correctly but you're not sure yet.

Here's a rough pseudocode example of what you might have :

If(varcharfilterSOALevel && "0" in lstHomeSOALevel.SelectedItems.Value,"0","~"),
If(varcharfilterSOALevel && "1" in lstHomeSOALevel.SelectedItems.Value,"1","~"),
If(varcharfilterSOALevel && "2" in lstHomeSOALevel.SelectedItems.Value,"2","~"),
If(varcharfilterSOALevel && "3" in lstHomeSOALevel.SelectedItems.Value,"3","~"),
If(varcharfilterSOALevel && "4" in lstHomeSOALevel.SelectedItems.Value,"4","~"),
If(varcharfilterSOALevel && "5" in lstHomeSOALevel.SelectedItems.Value,"5","~"),
If(varcharfilterSOALevel && "6" in lstHomeSOALevel.SelectedItems.Value,"6","~"),
If(varcharfilterSOALevel && "7" in lstHomeSOALevel.SelectedItems.Value,"7","~"),
If(varcharfilterSOALevel && "8" in lstHomeSOALevel.SelectedItems.Value,"8","~"),

Here's an example Stored Procedure execution call which may seem to be working for you:
EXEC [dbo].[SPNAME] '9/13/2018', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~', '~'
And an alternate version:
EXEC [dbo].[SPNAME] '9/13/2018', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', ''

However, you may still get the following error code text anyway:
"status": 400,
"message": "Microsoft SQL: Incorrect syntax near 'WHERE'.rn inner exception: Microsoft SQL: Incorrect syntax near 'WHERE'.rnclientRequestId: aaa-aa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaaaa",
"source": """

In this case, one issue could be the tested stored procedure you were using actually had one too many of the parameters to test when constructing your WHERE clause, so the issue was indeed in your original code. There could be one of many issues, If you ever need PowerApps Flow Stored Procedure custom Training, Support, Licensing, Consulting, anything related to Flow Stored Procedures help, or anything Power BI, PowerApps, Flow, Azure, SQL Stored Procedures, SQL Server and more - contact Dynamics Edge now - the official Microsoft partner you can trust!

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