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Set up an extensible and scalable System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) dashboard quickly with the assistance of Dynamics Edge, the official Microsoft partner you can trust for training, support, licensing consulting, solutions, and more!

The System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Power BI Dashboard provides detailed information of your SCCM instance including how you can compare key System Center Configuration Manager metrics to your initial requirements – whether to check deployment status for client and server health, or for malware protection, software inventory across your organization, and SCCM deployment maintenance such as the inclusion of the latest monthly software updates. Compare key System Center Configuration Manager metrics to personalized targets and see how they show trends over time, because installing Power BI Desktop via SCCM 2012 Application model is supposed to be simple, but if the automated installation or Power BI will not install successfully on your first try, contact Dynamics Edge for help. We'll help you identify trouble spots and get the information you need to understand what needs to be done, such as creating a package to a Power BI Desktop deployment, with SCCM 1602 or other System Center Configuration Manager versions, by using the appropriate .msi installers or other files. If you want help in upgrading from SCCM 1551 to SCCM 1602 as well as SCCM 1606; custom training on how to upgrade SCCM 2012 r2 to SCCM 1606 version, or, any other SCCM upgrades we can provide you helpful information like that as well.

Find software installed anywhere in your organization. The SCCM Power BI solution templates are known to collect data from your SCCM installation and store this information in particular target databases in many cases. So if you deploy the Power BI application in Offline mode, you may experience some modifications to your installation process. Check for instance whether or not you are Deploying the latest Power BI Desktop x64 (64 bit) for Windows 10. Also we can teach you how to install Power BI Report Server for your enterprise. The expertly designed Power BI reports satisfy all skill levels. All of the summary pages are specifically designed for executives or managers and detail pages are designed for industry experts and power users to take action as soon as possible based on drill down of data analytics.

In the System Center Configuration Manager console, if you click through as usual, after a successful setup, you can then select the option to 'Configure Report Server' in order to launch the Reporting Services Configuration Manager through SCCM. Contact Dynamics Edge for more help. For instance, you can create your own Power BI Dashboard that shows data from your deployment of System Center Configuration Manager integrated with SCCM through the remote management of software distribution network security, dashboards filled with rich reporting, and more.

Know that the SCCM solution template is extensible as well as set up for scalability. Your options include adding new information pertaining to your computer systems and users, creating your own brand new data mashups with your existing data that has already been collected before. All of this could mean some more requirements to meet. For instance, you may need to be verifying the deployment status for identifying machines with 3rd party license agreements, or operating systems. These prerequisites can be achieved by engaging help from Microsoft partners who are familiar, skilled and experienced with the full suite of Microsoft Power BI SCCM Deployment solution templates, such as by contacting Dynamics Edge for Power BI Deployment Training today.

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