Microsoft Classroom Training Office 365 for Education Training O365 for Education Training Dynamics Edge Custom Microsoft Classroom Training and Office 365 for Education Training with Dynamics Edge helps you get the modern tools for a collaborative classroom in the new millenium. Click here now, then fill out & submit the form to start the process of customizing a Microsoft O365 for Education Training Course and customized Microsoft in the Classroom Training with Dynamics Edge, trusted official Microsoft Partner.

Do you want to get started with Microsoft in the classroom? We’ve put together a set of upcoming custom Office 365 Classroom Training sessions hosted by Dynamics Edge, an official trusted Microsoft Partner. Use the above link to open and fill out a request form to get custom session information. In these sessions, what happens is that you will get to know how you can make the most of Microsoft in your classroom and custom O365 for Education Training.

For educators who find Office 365 for Education relatively new and who are looking to implement solutions to classroom problems right away, our tailored
Microsoft in the Classroom Training as well as Office 365 Software Licensing, Support and Consulting options may be of interest. This set of custom modules is designed to give educators an understanding of how Office 365 can provide the optimal environment for much better learning outcomes in and out of the classroom. Educators will learn to become more innovative with cloud-based tools, such as through our
Office 365 OneDrive for Education Training modules, regardless of whether the device they use is desktop or mobile or hybrid (Surface Pro tablets) or all of the above. Together we can explore Office 365 through hands-on activities that will introduce educators to Office Online and OneDrive, as well as other initeresting tools like Microsoft Teams.

During our Office 365 Training for Education you can get Office 365 for free! That's right, it is not just a trial! That is because teachers and students alike are eligible for free instances of Microsoft Office 365 Education software licenses, which includes Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams as well as additional tools for the classroom. All you need to get started is a valid school email address to get the free license. Ask Dynamics Edge for more info on the proper procedure. Collaborate on all devices and platforms by building your curriculum with always-accessible files that update in real time through familiar applications. This way, Office in conjunction with Microsoft Teams for Education Training works like you: everywhere you want, because Office 365 Education works on Windows devices as well as iOS and Android devices.

Let Dynamics Edge introduce you to Microsoft Teams! Microsoft Teams Education Training consists of a tailored set of custom modules, workshops, or full training courses with Dynamics Edge that help you understand how Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings content, apps and conversation together in one centralized, unified hub. Many educators can create collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and start communicating today with school staff all from just a single unified experience in Office 365 Education with Microsoft Teams combined with other portions of the suite.

Custom Microsoft OneNote for Education Training teaches you the ultimate digital notebook to organize and collaborate with students and teachers. OneNote Education Training empowers you to prepare assignments while organizing class materials containing a combination of web content, handwritten text, and even video and audio experiences from your devices, whether desktop or mobile. With more Dynamics Edge custom modules like Microsoft SharePoint for Education Training, learn how to collaborate on documents together. You can invite large or small teams to work with you at the same time. How do you do this? Well, with customized Microsoft SharePoint Training for Education you get when choosing Dynamics Edge, you get to learn how to work within Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Office Online, and more, while understanding how to bring these together when we present our custom SharePoint Online for Education Training Modules to you. For instance we can teach you how to easily add, respond to, and track all updates in just a single version of your document with Microsoft Office 365 for Education.

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