Dynamics Edge offers high quality custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals Training just for you. Click or tap the image below or use this link to check out our Course 816708 - Customize and Manage Dynamics 365 Portals training

This is a custom course we created from the ground up, and it is really high quality. Tired of classes or sessions by generic, vague "implementation experts" or "premiere dynamics 365 portal consultants" that still stumble and fumble in front of your eyes, and give you no clear solution, leaving you even more puzzled than before?
This is why you should register now for Dynamics Edge's Dynamics 365 Portals Customization and Management training course 816708 now!

Please note. For the purposes of holding a high quality class, the "deployment" of Portals is outside the scope (some instructions may be provided in class as a courtesy to you, but Portal deployment will take a long time and is therefore outside the scope of this class - expect your Portal course lab environment to be ready-to-go in advance of the course, and ready to use on the beginning of the first day of class - for a separate in-depth session on deploying Dynamics 365 CRM instances and the Dynamics 365 Portal Add-On, please inquire to us separately).

In course 816708, plan to jump right in to managing and customizing a working Portal on Day 1. In this course we'll be teaching you how to modify content from the Portal, we'll be teaching you how to navigate the complex organization in terms of Web Pages, Web Templates, Content Snippets, Page Templates and the like. We'll also be teaching you how to use the liquid syntax of Dynamics 365 Portals to modify the actual templates, exposing you to some Dynamics 365 Portals Developer Training in this course! We'll be teaching you all this and more - click here to check out the full outline for Dynamics Edge's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals Training Course 816708 and details on how to enroll in this course!

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202 Church Street S.E. , Suite 203 Leesburg, VA 20175
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