Dynamics Edge offers quality Microsoft Court Management Training for Justice Departments, Governments, and more. This helps you understand how to leverage MIcrosoft technology to modernize the justice systems. In the modern day we are starting to move courts away from legacy IT and paper-based procedures for civil, traffic, and criminal cases, to something more matching the new millenium. For example we can have virtual court rooms which enable secure, remote testimonies, which helps reduce travel costs and even increase safety. For example, when there are hearings conducted from prison facilities and jails, remote testimony can help make the courtroom feel more secure in many cases.

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Microsoft Courts Management Training for Government

Digital records management systems presented in custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Training modules empower you to know how court personnel can be allowed to access legal documents while preserving data security, as well as how to collaborate with other staff members in real time to get important daily tasks done. Microsoft Azure Government Training modules and deep advanced data analytics help justice staff and judges to start identifying the best and most successful programs such as ones designed for correction and rehabilitation. It also helps to facilitate more appropriate sentencing choices based on a variety of data gathered such as defendants with matches between certain data points. The digitization of key processes helps you reduce orphaned data while eliminating the costly physical transport and storage requirements for judicial case files. All of this enables very easy access to review files across the whole court system and all the related judicial departments. Moreover, Microsoft Office 365 Government Training modules and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Portals Training modules give court systems the power and technology to be more transparent about fee payment schedules and judicial proceedings.

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