Our quality Azure IoT End to End Training is here Microsoft Course 40564 Securing the IoT end-to-end gives you the proper knowledge to properly secure your Internet of Things devices and infrastructrue on Azure.

Azure IoT developer boot camp

Get started with Azure IoT. This is a series of hands-on labs for anyone who is learning about Azure Internet of Things (IoT). In these labs, you will use Azure services to build Azure IoT end-to-end solutions, connecting real and simulated devices to Azure IoT Hub.

How to use the following hands-on labs?

Introduction to Azure IoT Hub and connect MXChip

Connect a Pi simulator to Azure IoT Hub

Visualize time-series data with Azure Time Series Insights

React to critical device lifecycle events and trigger Actions

Cold path storage

Hot path analytics

Batch analytics

Load test using Device Simulator

Azure IoT devices training
Configure and monitor your Azure IoT devices at scale

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